24option webinars for June 2016

Throughout the year, 24Option offers free webinars, allowing traders of all levels to hone their knowledge and increase their trading skills, specifically in binary option trading. For this month of June 2016, 5 online seminars are planned

8 webinars for June 2016

For this month of June 2016, the binary options broker 24Opion has planned 8 training sessions.

june 24th webinar 24option

  • The first is scheduled for June 7, between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. GMT. The subject: Introduction to binary options. This course will be immediately followed by another one, this time on graphic strategy, which will be held between 9pm and 10pm, GMT.
  • On Thursday, June 9, between 6pm and 7pm (GMT), the third training session will focus on Live Trading.
  • Then, on Thursday 16 June, Brexit (or possible exit from Great Britain from the European Union) will be at the heart of the course, which will be held between 18 and 19 hours (GMT).
  • On Sunday 19 June between noon and 1pm (GMT), the training will focus on the importance of Money Management.
  • On Monday 20 June from 12 noon to 1 p.m. a new transfer on Brexit is proposed.
  • We are moving to June 26 for a very important webinar if you are just starting out: “Money Management, why is it so important?”, not to be missed! The webinar will take place from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.
  • Finally, on June 28th from 7pm to 8pm you can attend a webinar on graphic strategies for risk management and on Thursday June 30th a live trading session is scheduled from 4pm to 5pm to conclude this month.

Why attend 24Option webinars?

The first advantage of 24Option webinars is that they are free. Then, there are training courses allowing all interested traders to improve. More importantly, taking these courses allows them to better understand binary options.

24option webinar registrationThrough its webinars, the 24Option broker allows traders to better familiarize themselves with its trading platform while introducing them to the most commonly used trading methods. In the end, traders optimize their chances of success.

The topics covered are definitely not chosen at random. The 24Option managers have selected the information that traders are most interested in and that they can use for useful purposes. In the end, the broker offers training courses on everything you need to know to trade under the best conditions.

Thanks to the GoToMeeting platform, the online seminar offered by 24Option is very accessible. Even more interesting, it is possible to switch from one screen to the other: the trader can, on the one hand, follow the training and, on the other hand, execute his transactions after opening an account. Finally, each participant has the opportunity to ask questions whose answers are provided in real time, immediately.