25 dollars at Markets.com as a bonus and no deposit!

Markets.com is a brand of Safecap Investments Limited, a subsidiary of Playtech PLC Group. This company, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, is also one of the companies included in the FTSE 250 stock market index

Currently, the online broker offers a promotional offer whereby new members can get a $25 bonus without a deposit. How to benefit from it?

A $25 bonus at Markets.com

Traders wishing to join Markets.com can now take advantage of the promotional offer in the form of a $25 bonus with no deposit required. To benefit from this “gift”, the steps to follow are very simple. Simply register on the site (by going to http://www.markets.com/fr/login) and check the phone number.

In practice, the future Markets.com member is invited to click on the banner that says: “Check your phone and receive $25”. Once the registration process is complete, the phone number can be verified. Then click on “Send my bonus code”. The latter is sent by SMS. The 4-digit verification code must then be entered in the corresponding field before validating by clicking on “Send”. The sum of 25 dollars is directly credited to the account of the new trader who can immediately start trading.

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Some requirements to know in order to benefit from the no-deposit bonus offered by Markets.com

Once credited to the trader’s account, the $25 can be used to make transactions. However, different conditions must be met before this amount can be withdrawn. The trader must trade at least 10,000 euros for every dollar he has been allocated. Thus, for this $25 offer, he will have to total a trading volume of at least 250,000 (from the date of receipt of the “gift”) to effectively collect the amount offered. In the event that a withdrawal is made before the requested volume is reached, the amount of $25 is subtracted from the account.

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In addition to the volume constraint, it is also important to highlight the time constraint: the new trader registered on Markets.com has a period of 3 months from the receipt of the bonus to meet the trading volume conditions. Once this period has expired, an adjustment is automatically made, taking into account the payments made by the client.

So to conclude, don’t be afraid! You have no commitment. Consider that you will not earn money with the $25, but you will be able to discover market services for free and better understand how binary options work. This is where the offer is really interesting for beginners.

Markets.com, a regulated broker

Markets.com is a regulated online broker that is popular with traders. They are assured of relying on a trustworthy operator. Markets.com is approved by CySEC, the leading Cypriot regulatory body. He is therefore the authority to exercise throughout Europe and therefore France. The parent company of 24 options is registered in the Regafi of the ACPR Banque de France.

Enjoy the 25 free dollars from markets.com