5 financial blogs to follow if you are interested in online forex

More than blogs, I advise you to follow enlightened or professional people in the Forex field. You should know that in terms of financial advice, there will always be a blogger who will be right, but it will never be the same over a long period of time. That is why you must follow several of them and draw your own conclusions. The blog or sites are there to provide you with information that will allow you to refine your own analysis. You must therefore be well equipped to deal with Forex in order to understand all the ins and outs and make the best decisions.

That said, here is the list of the 5 French Forex specialists to follow. Not all of them have blogs but they either have twitter accounts or they offer training to improve your Forex analysis:

Daliy FX, Benoît Fernandez-Riou, Philippe Lhermie, André Malpel, Jérôme Révillier and Philippe Verdeil.

  1. It is the reference in terms of Forex. If you only have to choose one, you must follow Daily FX which is the most active. I should say “are the most active” since it is a team of brokers composed of Nicolas Chéron, among others, with almost 5000 subscribers, Adrian Raymond and Vincent Ganne.
  2. André Malpel has worked for more than 30 years on the stock market. He started at the MATIF pit auction in 1987 and today at the trading screens of the trading rooms. And it’s not over yet. His twitter account is monitored by 1140 people. He is regularly invited to conferences to discuss his positions on Forex.
  3. Benoît Fernadez-Riou is a Banking and Finance consultant specialising in financial and currency markets. He is regularly invited to conferences and seminars to inform or discuss his favourite subject, Forex. In addition, it periodically publishes committed currency analyses. In parallel, he provides training at the Waltrade Institute in which he details his approach to trading using the discretionary and directional qualitative method. Finally, he is also the author of the two bestsellers “Introduction to Forex” and “The Private Trader”. His site allows you to know where he can be contacted.
  4. Philippe Lhermie has been a professional Forex trader since 2001 at EDF and has been trading for his own account. It is present on the market almost every day to hedge the exchange risk on the assets of my assets or for speculative transactions. He is one of the French Forex stars.
  5. Jérôme Révillier is a trader, director of Alternative Capital Investments and editor-in-chief of Action Future, founder of Eole Trading. The Eole Trading blog provides regular information on Forex. J. Révillier’s twitter account is followed by 1475 followers.

Finally, do not hesitate to visit the Forexagone blog where you will find regularly updated information on Forex as well as many videos allowing you to learn more about it.