5 books to read to make your wealth grow

If you are ever lucky enough to have some time for yourself and for reading on the beach or in your country house, why not read books that teach you how to better manage your wealth or even make your money grow… We have made a selection of books that are aimed at general audiences who are still amateurs in the financial field. They’re taking over the base but without blablas. It’s clear, concise and motivating!

Here is our selection of 5 books to read to make your wealth grow:

  1. “Rich Father, Poor Father: What rich parents teach their children about money so that they can serve them” by Robert Kiyosaki. This is the book that was given to me when I was young and it is thanks to Mr. Kiyosaki that I am now in the field of finance. At the time, I had lessons that didn’t speak to me, I didn’t understand the point of cramming all this. Then with this book, I changed my point of view. I don’t have to work to get good grades and learn stupidly, I have to work for myself, to cultivate myself, to understand what surrounds me and to apply that in life. So I became passionate about math in order to avoid letting anything go wrong in finance, but let’s get back to the book, which will be a real catalyst for anyone who reads it. The author was fortunate to have 2 “fathers”, a biological father who was a high level civil servant but who will remain poor since he remains in the established order and a mentor who is a virtuoso of finance, very rich. He will compare the two men, one who will remain afraid of losing everything and will not move forward, the other who takes risks but completely measured. One of the precepts is to make money work for oneself and not to work for money. It is not a technical book itself that will tell you what type of investment is best. It is more like a book that will explain how to change the way you see and do things in finance so that you don’t become part of the mass of people who. It is a book that will motivate you as it has motivated all its readers, I am sure. Moreover, it is a worldwide best-seller that has enabled the opening of many clubs all over the world so that members can help each other on a daily basis in this financial “philosophy”.
  2. “Save your money! “by Marc Fiorentino. Marc Fiorentino is an expert in financial markets, he owns a brokerage firm and a wealth advice site. He is also a columnist in the business press and of course an author. Be careful, this book is for absolute beginners, people who have already made investments would be disappointed by the technical level of the book (do not trust banks and credits…). In fact, the book deals with the inexorable evolution of the economy since the 2008 crisis and advice on how to ensure our retirement, which will no longer be financed by our very long working years.
  3. “Everyone deserves to be rich, or everything you’ve never learned about your money” by Olivier Seban. Olivier Seban was a very young entrepreneur and became a millionaire in a very short time. Today, he manages his wealth (real estate, stock market…) and gives conferences and seminars on the subject of finance… His book talks about us, our relationship to money and above all teaches us how to manage this money. As indicated in the book, the other one will do nothing for us, we have to learn to manage our money ourselves.
  4. “Build and manage your wealth successfully – A guide to slowly but surely enriching yourself” by Julien Delagrandanne. I love the subtitle, the tone is set. Don’t expect your money to make you rich tomorrow, but make it grow over the long term. Julien Delagrandanne was a professional trader on energy markets and exchanges. He regularly shares with us his enriching personal experience in investing and managing wealth in these works. Although this book is very interesting for people who want to invest in Forex, it is not only about the stock market but also about real estate, bonds, etc.
  5. “Think and get rich” by Napoleon Hill. It is a very small book with few pages and is far from being dear, but what we learn is once again a philosophy of financial life. Napoleon Hill teaches us to look at the successes around us (especially Warren Buffet’s) to inspire us and find our own winning strategy. Another very good book to start with.

Once you get to know these books at your fingertips, I invite you to read the article on them to get started in financial investment with confidence.