5 books to teach you how to trade

Trading is a profitable activity. Betting on fluctuations in the financial markets can be particularly lucrative, provided you have mastered this area. To learn more about stock market investments and how they work, it is essential to be as informed as possible. Here are just 5 books to learn about trading and the subtleties of a practice that is gaining in popularity.

“Chartism: Methods and strategies for winning on the stock market” – François Baron

chartism françois baron
This book by François Baron offers essential information on charisma, a technical analysis technique. Technical analysis is simply essential for a trader who wants to succeed in his investments. It is simply a matter of observing the figures that appear on the graphs showing the evolution of prices and drawing the necessary conclusions to make the right decision. This book is a real guide to familiarize yourself with technical analysis while learning about the basic rules in the field of the stock market and the rules to protect your capital. Beginners or experienced traders can consolidate their knowledge and progress in their trading activities.

“The Smart Investor” – Benjamin Graham

smart investor
This book, published in 1949, undoubtedly remains relevant. It was written by the creator of value investment, one of the most effective practices. The author is also the mentor of a world-renowned American multi-billionaire: Warren Buffett. It should be noted that the reader will not find advice on selecting stocks to invest in. He will learn safe principles for investing effectively over the long term.

“Traders enter the zone” – Mark Douglas

enter the zone
This book by Mark Douglas focuses on the psychology of trading. It is simply essential for anyone wishing to make their first foray into the world of the stock market. It includes the most common psychological problems that a trader may face and the associated solutions. Throughout the book, we learn to react better by evolving on the financial markets.

“Succeeding in Trading” – Van K. Tharp

succeed in trading
This book is essential to develop good position taking and capital management habits. This book details the different existing methods, their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, tests using a random position generator can be found. The author guarantees that his readers will find advice and ideas that everyone can adapt in their trading strategy. Feel free to link his information with site news such as DailyFX, owned by FXCM.

“Technical analysis explained” – John Murphy

murphy technical analysis
This book also focuses on technical analysis, the study of graphs illustrating the evolution of stock market prices. A reference book on the subject, it allows beginners to better understand the basics of technical analysis. In particular, they discover a long list of tools from which they can select those that best suit them.