5 financial news sites to add to your RSS feed or follow on twitter

Many sites offer their own financial information and analyses of personal investments.

It is difficult to find your way around and make a quality selection by yourself. Here is the list of the 5 financial news sites that I use professionally either daily for the first ones or weekly for the others. You can follow them for the most part thanks to the RSS feeds that you can set up as the home page of your web browser. Others also propose to follow them on twitter for those who prefer to use this tool.

  1. The Financial Times is an English-language site, but it is essential to consult it for financial information.
  2. Les Echos would be the French equivalent of the FT for those who do not like or do not speak Shakespeare’s language.
  3. Google finance allows you to follow all the financial news that Google’s finance team (or Google’s search robot to be more precise) has gathered on the web. The information is of very good quality and especially in real time.
  4. Yahoo also has its financial counterpart, Yahoo finance, which is older. But the information is of high quality.
  5. I hesitated for 5th place between Alternatives Economiques and La Tribune. So I put them in a tie.

Off-list, I would still like to point out a very useful American site Dinkytown which offers more than 300 financial calculators. In this batch, there will be at least one that you will need!