A 3rd quarter down for Yahoo!

As the fourth and last quarter of 2015 begins, economic operators are releasing their figures. For its part, the Yahoo ! group announces a definite decline in its turnover for the third quarter of 2015… This will undoubtedly have an impact on the market value of the company’s shares on the financial markets.

A bad third quarter for Yahoo!

The publication of Yahoo !’s last quarter’s earnings and sales figures has attracted attention. The statistics are lower than expected. Directly, we can only think of the difficulties the company is currently facing. Marissa Mayer, the group’s current CEO, is struggling to rectify the rather delicate situation Yahoo has been in for some time.

marissa mayer

For this 3rd quarter of 2015, Yahoo recorded a net profit of $76.3 million. This represents about 8 cents of profit for each share. If we look at the third quarter of 2014, the figures are much higher: $6.77 billion, or about $6.70 for one share. Excluding the exceptionals, this corresponds to a result of 15 cents (only) for each action, which is even lower than the consensus of 17 cents.

Overall revenue (excluding royalties due to partners) was $1 billion, up from $1.09 billion in 2014. From a US GAAP perspective (US-style financial data), this revenue increased by 6.8%. The figure would then be $1.23 billion, which is still below the consensus.

One thing is certain, these various declines have an impact on the stock market. Indeed, the title also recorded a fall after the closing of the stock exchange after this announcement… Enough to interest many speculators and why not the traders fond of CFD as markets.com proposes with Yahoo CFD.

Reminder on Yahoo!

It is an American company specialized in Internet services. Yahoo ! is known for its Internet portal. Initially, it was only a web directory, but things have evolved well since the beginning of the adventure in January 1994. The company finally opened its doors in March of the following year.

From now on, there are several services (some of which are free and others for a fee). You can find its essential search engine, instant messaging, e-mail, website hosting and many portals.