A future seminar unveiled for Option Web customers

If you visit us regularly, you should know that OptionWeb broker has been in first place in our ranking for several months. This place is the reward for the many efforts made by the broker on the French market

1st regulated broker in Europe, OptionWeb through its European Operations Director, Benjamin Michel, reaffirms its position and operations and soon invites its clients to a seminar at the Parc des Princes.

A seminar announced

The announcement of this seminar is a rare moment, perhaps never seen in the world of binary options, which proves once again the seriousness of OptionWeb. As a partner of the PSG, Benjamin Michel already informs us that the event will take place in the Parc des Princes.

Questions on security, risks and trading opportunities will be addressed. It is also an opportunity for the broker’s clients to meet some of the company’s managers and discuss with them.

For the moment no date is announced but when the information arrives, we will not fail to inform you. For those who discover the broker, you can consult our complete review but also watch the video below of Benjamin Michel, OptionWeb’s European Operations Director.

OptionWeb reaffirms its values and commitment to its customers

OptionWeb takes advantage of this opportunity, through this video, to reaffirm its position as leader in France but also as the 1st regulated broker in binary option. Faced with numerous attacks on the binary exchange, OptionWeb is one of the brokers pushing this market in the right direction by scrupulously applying the European directives.

Update on the Broker’s remuneration

Benjamin Michel also discusses how OptionWeb remunerates itself. This one recovers a percentage on the volume of trades of its traders. This percentage ranges from 3% to 5%. He reaffirms that the broker’s interest is in the client’s interest.

Finally, he reveals his discreet commitment to humanitarian and social actions.

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