FaceOption Review: a new regulated French Broker

Our review

In a nutshell

FaceOption is one of the financially strong brokers that offers excellent training and customer service. We have had no withdrawal problems with this broker and customer support has always been competent and responsive. On the other hand, if it wants to become a leader, FaceOption will have to develop additional tools such as mobile applications for IOS and Android.

Although FaceOption appeared in the world of binary options not long ago, it has managed to develop its brand and obtain a good reputation in record time. Indeed, if only a few months ago nobody had heard of “FaceOption”, today several thousand French traders owe their success in this field to this platform. Except that if FaceOption has experienced a just huge rise in popularity, to such an extent that this broker is now in perfect competition with the main market leaders such as Optionweb or 24option, it is not for nothing. Because apart from offering a platform “up to the task”, FaceOption stands out from its competitors with a unique fair training, as well as signals of an unbelievable profitability. In short: A broker who has been able to assert himself in a field with a lot of competition, mainly thanks to a unique offer and “top-of-the-range” services

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FaceOption: a brand new broker who has all the qualities to become the bestWhile

FaceOption tends to allow its traders to seize all opportunities, especially by offering many high quality services, this broker already stands out by “the base”: its trading platform. even if the FaceOption platform may seem “old-fashioned” at first sight, it would be too stupid to be trapped by appearances. First of all, you have to see the surprising speed of the platform: all positions open instantly regardless of the asset! An ideal asset for trading economic news or short-term options.As for the variety of options types, FaceOption is also “in the Top” among its competitors: offering a wide variety of options, this broker offers you classic options, even options (very few brokers have them!), as well as short and long term options. FaceOption also offers the possibility of a “double up”, a “rollover” (postponing your position to another maturity date) or selling your position before the expiry date. In other words, this broker does everything possible to secure its clients’ portfolios in order to ensure maximum profits for them

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“pro” FaceOption interface: one more asset for the platformBut

the FaceOption platform is far from being limited to the advantages of the simple classic interface. This version of the platform has the undeniable advantage of its interface which is more practical than ever”, especially for a novice trader. Everything is at your fingertips: trading signals, social trading, etc. The choice of assets and opening positions are much faster and more intuitive in this interface: as you know, in trading every second counts.Moreover, the “painted” design in black and laconic style will allow you to concentrate on trading without distracting yourself from the rest: enough to optimize your trading activity, here is an overview of FaceOption’s “pro” interface which only contributes to the image of this broker:

Very varied assets and expirations: enough to satisfy all customers!

FaceOption also differs from its competitors in this respect, offering more than 110 assets, including equities, currencies, indices and commodities: in other words, enough to seize all possible opportunities. But it is above all through its vast choice of expirations that FaceOption will stand out from other platforms. FaceOption first of all offers more than a dozen (!) expirations, ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour and a half, for classic options.In addition to this, this broker offers the opportunity to “speculate well” over the long term, offering more than twenty expiries, ranging from a few days to several months: an excellent opportunity to anticipate economic events with repercussions only over the long term, thus FaceOption puts “in your hands” all the means to seize all the opportunities that can “benefit you”, which obviously helps to reinforce its good image

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Training: a unique asset compared to other brokersIf

FaceOption of markdown already very well by its quality platform, it will be in its training that this broker will be “the best of the best”, because even if even the market leaders offer good training, assistance to beginners “in LIVE” is unfortunately often neglected, which sometimes causes deposit losses. This is where FaceOption “puts its accent”! By offering trading sessions several hours a week with a competent analyst, FaceOption becomes a real “gold mine” for any beginner in binary options.Thanks to this approach, the many losses due to emotions or psychological pressure are eliminated. No more beginner trades open “at random”. By adopting such a method, FaceOption makes it possible to minimize infinitely all the losses of beginners, but also to increase its own reputation and popularity among traders, in other words a training approach that pays well: both the traders who have everything to gain, as well as the broker who can stand out from his many competitors.

Webinars and interactive videos: good support for “Live” training

It is also important to note that FaceOption training is not limited to “analyst calls”. To support its LIVE training, FaceOption also offers various webinars and interactive courses, so that the “practical” trading sessions are well supported by the theory of interactive training: enough to train even the less experienced in the world of trading

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Trading signalsTrading

signals are also invaluable for beginners. Not only do they boost your initial deposit, but they also make up for negative positions, and FaceOption almost works miracles in terms of signals: during our one-and-a-half month test, we received around 5 – 10 signals per week and 87% were positive! Just mind-blowing!As if that were not enough, sometimes it only takes a good broker to work miracles with his portfolio!

Regulation Behind

“the beautiful showcase” of its offer, FaceOption also thinks about maintaining its reputation in terms of regulation. Because if this broker has very easily obtained the CySec licence, FaceOption also has the FCA licence and therefore comply with MiFid directives, but this broker goes even further for French clients, respecting European rules, FaceOption can fully operate in France under the supervision of the AMF. FaceOption’s parent company is well registered with the Regafi of the ACPR Banque de France (Amff Ltd). This is an additional guarantee for French traders who can turn against the broker in case of dispute or non-compliance with the established rules, so you can be sure that your money is safe in a European bank and not in a tax haven, “ready to disappear”. But above all, you can trade as a Zen, without being afraid to find “error 404” when it comes to recovering your funds.


if FaceOption does not offer anything exceptional in terms of bonuses, its offer remains generous with 100% welcome bonus. But as you already know, it is better to read the conditions carefully before accepting it. Especially if you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to read our file on how bonuses work, you won’t be disappointed. In addition, your advisor will give you the right to cancel your bonus before the first 10 trades are completed: an extra security for a beginner!


While FaceOption has only just emerged on the binary options market, this broker has been able to assert itself after only a few months of activity. Indeed, having only appeared in the second half of 2015, FaceOption now has more than 40,000 French-speaking customers. Moreover, this broker has also managed to make a “name” for itself, as well as a solid reputation, but it is important to keep in mind that this success is not for nothing: FaceOption offers a much higher offer than its competitors on many points, which perfectly explains its success in the world of binary options. From the platform’s performance to training, FaceOption tends to be the “best of”, but this broker also does not ignore the regulation and security of funds for its clients: being regulated by CySEC and registered with the Regafi of the ACPR Banque de France, French clients are sure to be in good hands with FaceOption. To

conclude, in an online trading world that is becoming more and more “suffocated” by the various unregulated scams and brokers, FaceOption is a real breath of fresh air!

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