All about the Scandium

Scandium is a transition metal characterized by its soft texture and lightness. This chemical element is associated with the Sc symbol and its atomic number is 21. Belonging to the rare earths category, it is present in rare minerals that occur naturally in Scandinavia. Can we trade on this material? Under what conditions?

The Scandium: everything you need to know about this rare earth

scandiumScandium oxide was discovered by Lars Fredrik Nilson in 1879. It will then be Per Teodor Cleve who demonstrates that the Scandium has similar characteristics to those of an element that could be added to the periodic classification table. In particular, it has a density comparable to that of aluminium and its chemical structure is similar to that of yttrium. It was not until 1937 that the Scandium in its metallic state was discovered. The production of this metal, which is sold at a gold price, will then begin in 1960. If this one has a high value, it is because of a rather low world production.

If we are interested in the uses of Scandium, this material is used in the field of aeronautics in Russia. It is alloyed with aluminium to optimize its mechanical characteristics. The light weight of this rare earth makes it an ideal material for use in space. It can also be used to manufacture top-level sports equipment. All this confirms that Scandium is an exceptional rare earth.

Trading the Scandium

Given Scandium’s low production, trading in this rare earth is equally rare and few investors turn to this niche. In any case, it is a promising material thanks to its extraordinary properties. By being alloyed with aluminium, it gives an extraordinary material nicknamed “titanium of the poor”.

But how then to trade the Scandium (or another rare earth)? Once again, it should be stressed that this is not a very common trading activity. Nevertheless, it is still possible to speculate on this rare earth and make a profit from it. Some possibilities are then possible. Interested traders can invest in a mining company in particular: this alternative is particularly suitable for beginner traders or those who do not wish to take too many risks.

trading scandium

In any case, it should be noted that no online broker offers their members to trade on the Scandium (which is valid for rare earths in general). Nevertheless, it is still possible to turn to trackers such as REMX or Rare Earth Metals Strategic or the MMI Rare Earth Metals stock market index, not to mention investment funds.