AnyOption: Euro 2016, tickets to win for the final

Friday 10 June 2016 will mark the start of a highly anticipated competition: Euro 2016, which will take place in France and will see the best European national football teams compete against each other. AnyOption wanted to mark the occasion by offering tickets to win for the final of this competition

UEFA Euro 2016 Competition by AnyOption

As part of Euro 2016, AnyOption is offering tickets for the final of this competition, which will be held in Paris on 10 July 2016. The result is a return flight to Paris with a stay in a luxury hotel. And above all, the winner and a person of his or her choice will be able to attend the final and enter thanks to two premium tickets offered by the broker in binary options. To qualify for this gift that will allow the lucky winner to enjoy a fabulous football experience, you will have to respect a few game conditions.

anyoption uefa 2016

How to win tickets to the Euro 2016 final with AnyOption?

Different rules and conditions apply for people wishing to apply for the gift offered by AnyOption in the UEFA Euro 2016 competition. The first is simple: you must be registered on the online broker’s platform in binary options. Here are some other conditions to know:

  • The UEFA Euro 2016 competition started on 3 June 2016 and ends on 29 June 2016;
  • Any registered trader can participate;
  • A deposit of a total amount of at least $500 is required during the contest period;
  • Only trades on the following assets are considered in the competition: Dax Future, S&P Future, Nasdaq Future 100, McDonald’s, GBP/USD, Coca Cola ;
  • Traders wishing to claim the gift must make transactions of at least $25,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies) on the selected assets mentioned in the previous point;
  • Only honest transactions are taken into account. In the event of suspicion of violations of AnyOption’s general terms and conditions, the account of the trader concerned may be suspended and he may no longer participate in the competition by decision of the managers;
  • The transactions taken into account are only those relating to binary options;
  • Any trader who withdraws money or closes his account during the contest period is automatically excluded;
  • The winner must have respected the general conditions of AnyOption.

Who will be the winner?

The winner of the UEFA Euro 2016 competition will be the one who has made the highest net profit on the selected assets during the competition period. The final choice is left to the discretion of AnyOption’s management. In any case, the lucky winner will be notified of his “gift” by e-mail and telephone within three days of the end of the contest.

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