Apple sees its net profit jump

Everything is going well for Apple, the famous apple brand. In any case, October 2015 ends on a very positive note. The firm recorded a net profit of 35%. This result was boosted by the enormous success that the brand’s flagship product, the iPhone, continues to enjoy

Rising results at Apple

The Cupertino company is performing better than expected. And Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone, has a lot to do with it. Indeed, over three months, 48 million were sold. And the figures are not only higher compared to the budget, they are also high when the market situation is taken into account.

In concrete terms, if we take into account Apple’s staggered financial year, which ended at the end of September 2015, the brand’s net income rose by 35% to over $53 billion. At the same time, sales increased by 28%, for a total of nearly $234 billion. Including the third quarter, net income increased 31% (just over $11 billion) compared to 22% for sales (just over $51 billion).

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Strong increase in iPhone sales

Apple’s very positive results are mainly due to the huge success of iPhones. Nearly two thirds of the brand’s turnover comes from sales of this essential product. Some financial specialists do not fail to express their concern about these figures: Apple is highly dependent on its smartphone. In any case, everything is going well for the firm, whose share price has risen slightly (1.80%) following the announcement of these most promising results.

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For the last quarter of 2015, Apple had been quite cautious in its forecasts. However, analysts expect the figures to remain as positive as ever, particularly with the end-of-year holidays, which will undoubtedly boost sales.

This final quarter will also allow the company to see if these latest models (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus) will continue to grow strongly, as will their elders…