Apple worries analysts but the AppStore is full for Christmas

While the Apple group’s action is experiencing some difficulties on the stock market, the results for 2015 are expected to be rather positive. The end-of-year figures are particularly encouraging… Nevertheless, a slowdown is to be feared for the coming months..

2015 ends on a high note for Apple

Apple is starting 2016 with a positive balance sheet. The AppStore set a record during the last
two weeks of 2015, with a turnover of 1.1 billion dollars, which corresponds to about one billion euros. The end-of-year holidays were very fruitful for the apple brand. It should be noted that for the whole of 2015, the brand’s online store had a total turnover exceeding 20 billion dollars.

Apple makes this announcement while its stock is facing some difficulties: its stock price is falling. Investors are constantly showing their concern, especially since iPhone sales are tending to decline.

apple result

Slowing down in perspective

Despite a promising 2015 balance sheet, the future looks quite difficult for Apple, whose share price continues to fall. At the beginning of January 2016, however, its value fell by 1.5% after the announcement of a nearly 30% reduction in the manufacture of its latest models (iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus) for the first quarter of this year. This announced decrease in production is confirmed by various information. In particular, we know that Foxconn, which is none other than Apple’s Taiwan-based supplier, is planning to reduce the working time of its employees during the Chinese New Year. However, this is usually a particularly busy time for employees, who are also entitled to more attractive overtime pay.

Analysts remain positive

Even if everything seems to indicate that Apple’s product production (especially that of its flagship product, the iPhone) will decline at the beginning of 2016, there are still analysts who remain positive. Some of them point out in particular that the brand has gained significant market share throughout the world. Nevertheless, investors are advised to exercise caution. Because in addition to the possible decrease in Apple’s production, some of the company’s suppliers are also facing a decline in their share prices. In any case, you have to be on the lookout, because things tend to change very quickly in the stock market world.

On January 26, Apple will release its quarterly results, which will allow you to benefit from the likely price movements for your trades. To conclude, you can trade on “the apple” with a binary option broker or CFDs through a Forex broker.