Bank charges have been rising since January 2016

This year 2016 starts with various changes. In the financial world, bank charges will rise, after falling in 2015. As of January 2016, this increase is already being felt. In any case, this is what the annual barometer of the Choisir ma banque pour Le Monde website reveals

Bank fees up for 2016

Every year, the online comparator Choisir ma banque publishes an annual barometer that provides information on the evolution of bank charges. For this year 2016, an increase is to be expected. There has already been a 1.40% increase, with an average of 168 euros in annual bank charges per subscriber in France.

As part of its study, Choisir ma banque examined the prices of 131 establishments, focusing on different categories of products and services: bank card (basic or high-end), bank overdraft, payment outside France, insurance, technical problems (loss of secret code, etc.). 6 standard profiles were then created, profiles as close as possible to real situations.

A “moderate” increase

However, this increase appears to be “moderate” despite recent measures taken by some large banks. This includes the overall range of account maintenance fees. A measure that has been adopted by Société Générale and BNP Paribas, among others. Now, more than 8 out of 10 banks now require their customers to pay for having a bank account. This “service” costs about 16.50 euros, which represents a significant increase of more than 20% if we compare it with 2015.

While the increase to be expected for 2016 is still quite reasonable, it is also related to the lower cost of some services. For example, the cost of accessing a bank account via the Internet fell by around 30% to under €7.50. There has also been a significant reduction in the cost of deferred debit bank cards. The decrease is close to 1.8%, at a cost of no more than 44.6 euros. With regard to bank cards, the trend is not the same for immediate debit cards, the cost of which increases by 2% or more in 2016, rising to more than 38.70 euros.

Finally, it is worth noting that the evolution of costs is not the same for each brand. It is also necessary to distinguish between online banks and “traditional” banks.