Binary options for dummies

Training on the binary stock exchange

Binary options are nowadays very popular in the online trading market. It is, in fact, the simplest method of stock market speculation, but which, however, makes it possible to generate large profits. Most individuals thus opt for this type of option to start investing in the stock market. But how do you get started? And what tools are available to properly train in binary options? Discover…

A practice accessible to everyone

If, before, stock market investments were only dedicated to professionals, those days are well and truly over. Since transactions were made directly online in the early 2000s, access to the stock markets has become very open. Trading tools are now easy to understand and, with the different types of options available, individuals can easily get started. Binary options open up easy investment opportunities for new traders. This type of transaction is particularly distinguished by its disconcerting simplicity, allowing everyone – or almost everyone – to earn money on the stock market.

binary trading optionAs its name suggests, the binary option is based on 2 choices. The trader must guess the direction of the price of an asset, between an increase or decrease. This is done taking into account a predefined expiry date. The opening of the position is now done with a simple click, as is the choice of assets. Generally, the trader can invest in currency pairs, company shares, commodities, as well as stock market indices such as the CAC40. The number of products available depends on the broker’s offers. Thus, if, indeed, the chosen asset takes the direction planned by the trader, he pockets a premium and has his account immediately credited. Otherwise, if the asset goes in the opposite direction, it loses its money.

By making the right choice, the investor can earn up to 700% of his initial capital. However, the return options remain subject to conditions in the event of loss. In fact, in general, trading in binary options is very easy to practice. It should not be forgotten, however, that there are risks of loss and that it is necessary to use certain techniques in order to manage them as effectively as possible. Before starting, it is necessary to acquire the fundamentals of the practice, in particular by registering for trading training.

Online binary option courses

The Internet is probably the best database for stock market speculation. Since the advent of online trading and particularly since the arrival of binary options, players in the field have prided themselves on providing comprehensive documentation on this practice and propose to guide novice investors. By doing a quick search on the web, you can easily find signs offering training in binary options. Most of these sites divide their prices into different categories, so that traders of all levels can start trading. Those who do not yet have any knowledge of stock market investment can thus learn the basic functioning of the practice.

binary training option

The courses are concocted by experts and the explanations are clear and simple for beginners. There are also many training materials, but generally, the courses are given via downloadable ebooks, as well as via explanatory videos. For the most part, these specialized sites provide free access to their trading training. However, some platforms require payments at the time of registration, especially when it comes to more specific topics. In this case, it is then necessary to choose the right portal at the risk of losing your money for free. Consulting our reviews on our website can help you make the right selection. For example, OptionWeb offers an excellent trading school.

interactive option trading academy option
Interactive Option’s trading academy acclaimed by French traders

It should also be noted that most online brokers now offer trading courses themselves. Some of them have a real academy where you can learn the basics as well as all the techniques in binary options. The offers of these brokers can be free or not, but access requires, in all cases, a registration on the portal.

trading optionweb school
OptionWeb offers a wide range of training materials

The demo account for training

If online training allows you to acquire the basics of good trading, it is not yet enough to become a real trader. Beyond the theories, it is indeed necessary to practice in order to have experience and “practice” means opening transactions on trading platforms. Fortunately, online brokers have found an effective solution to meet this training need: the demo account. Credited with virtual money, this demonstration account allows you to practice on portals without taking real risks. However, it works in the same way as a real account, allowing you to test trading tools and become familiar with platforms. Demo accounts are generally free of charge, but registration on the broker portal is required to access them. TopOption offers a demo account just like AnyOption, 10Trade and of course OptionWeb.

demo account binary option option

Some online brokers also require a first deposit before offering access to this tool, thus committing the trader to carry out future transactions on the site. For novice traders, the use of this type of account can be very advantageous, as they are still learning how online trading works. However, it is advisable not to spend too much time there because, until you have been confronted with real risks, the training is still incomplete. For experts, it is not long before they switch to a real account, in order to experience real binary option trading with its disappointments. Then you can follow our advice to improve your trading sessions and become a full-time trader.