Brokers: False oriented testimonies, reviews on forums

Before you start trading online, there are several steps to take. In particular, you must choose a broker with whom you will place your orders. This step is crucial and it is essential

to ensure that you turn to a trustworthy operator. To do this, you rely, among other things, on the reviews on the forums. Unfortunately, it is possible that these are false testimonies… How can you avoid being fooled by these false messages?

Stop false testimonies and false reviews about brokers

Every trader makes it a point to do a lot of research before registering with an online broker. Which is easy to understand: as long as you are going to invest money, you want to know where you are going. You are then looking for reviews and testimonies from other Internet users who have already dealt with a particular broker. Unfortunately, there is a risk that you may come across false reviews. These are very complimentary, even overly flattering reviews, highlighting brokers that are better to be wary of. You will also find very negative reviews on brokers who are recognised by the regulatory authorities. Behind these criticisms, there are often competing brokers who want to lower the reputation of their colleague.

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So, even before you become interested in reviews and testimonies, make a selection of the most interesting brokers, knowing that the most important criterion remains the regulation of these operators. Make sure that they have a valid licence. In particular, check that they are approved by the AMF or the Autorité des Marchés financiers. In addition to monitoring the financial markets, this organisation publishes a black list (regularly updated) of brokers to avoid, as they are unreliable. It is useless to read the reviews or testimonies relating to these brokers since they are not trustworthy. You can then focus on the other operators.

Watch out for scams!

By focusing only on regulated brokers, you can avoid false reviews and testimonies since you will be dealing with serious operators who do not use these dishonest methods. If you still want to browse the web, to find out about other operators (at your own risk), you should be very careful with scams. Indeed, some reviews and testimonies are not only misleading. They may also contain dangerous links. Dangerous in the sense that they can redirect you to fake pages specially set up to extract various important data (personal information, financial information…). Vigilance is constantly required when you visit forums and specialized sites.