Brokers of legal binary options in France

Surprisingly, the AMF does not provide a list of brokers of legal binary options in France. It would be so much easier….

We have to look at the companies one by one to see if the broker is licensed or not.

But who are these brokers of legal binary options in France on June 1, 2014?

They are few in number. There are two reliable and trustworthy ones that have been approved by the AMF. This list is subject to change over time, so I would keep it up to date regularly.

A few months ago, they were 4 legal brokers. They have gone up to 2 today….


As of June 18, 2014, I have just noticed that there are two brokers missing who are also legal since they are not part of the AMF’s black list:

  • IG Markets
  • XTB

It is interesting to see the AMF’s black list of illegal brokers to see that it is much longer and to be sure not to go to the wrong broker.