Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Cryptos – 2022 Buying Guide

Here is our ultimate guide to buying Bitcoin in 2022. You will find the answers to all your questions about the purchase of bitcoin and many other crypto. We have analyzed, for you, in depth, more than 30 exchange platforms and about fifty crypto platforms, the most famous of which is Bitcoin.

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Your capital is at risk.

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What is the Blockchain?

What is the Blockchain

The Blockchain is a technology that allows you to record and secure transactions. Also, it should be noted that this information cannot be modified or altered. This is what makes the Blockchain so unique.

How was it invented?

It was invented following a manifesto written by a person (or group of persons) named Satoshi Nakamoto. It was in 2008 and it was at the same time as the invention of the Bitcoin.

How does it work?

The power of the Blockchain lies in its definition: it is a technology that allows infallible storage, complete transparency and maximum security of information.

Today, it is impossible to find more transparent, secure and honest technologies. Thus, it can be used for thousands of use cases: for anti-fraud actions, for bank transaction records, to identify and identify individuals, to track assets, to track changes in a supply chain, to build a company’s inventory or to record decisions specific to a country’s governance.

Why are we talking about this?

The Blockchain technology is ultra-powerful because it eliminates the need for centralization found in all applications.

An example? The currency you use every day. Have you ever wondered why a blue rectangular ticket allows you to buy 4 cinema tickets? Because the European Central Bank (ECB) told us that this note was worth 20 euros, and that the law of supply and demand (the offer depending on the ECB) did the rest. If the notes in your portfolio have value, it is because it is guaranteed by a third party (the ECB in this case). Cryptomonnaies (which are based on Blockchain technology, if you have followed this correctly) have shattered this principle: more banks, more institutions, more states. The only entity that guarantees the value of these crypto currencies? The Blockchain. Thus, no arbitrary decisions, no misinformation, no opacity.

Also, you no longer need a centralized system to ensure your transactions. Are you tired of the transaction fees you pay every time you withdraw money from a distributor abroad? They will no longer exist thanks to the Blockchain. Banks, which are third parties at the heart of centralized systems, pay themselves, not the Blockchain! In addition, all your transactions are secured and recorded in the Blockchain.

What is the Blockchain ?

Why is it secure?

Behind the “security” side of the Blockchain, there are three aspects

  • immutability (data cannot be changed after it has been created),
  • transparency (everyone can see the different transactions and the underlying information)
  • and autonomy (the Blockchain does not depend on anyone).

What does that mean? That no one can change or modify a record without everyone being informed. However, and we must remember, total security never exists. The Blockchain is a new technology and may be susceptible to some highly sophisticated attacks (hackers are not short of resources)

Is it the same as Bitcoin?

To say that the Blockchain and the Bitcoin are the same thing is an erroneous statement. However, it can be said that all Bitcoins are part of the Blockchain (but the Blockchain is not part of the Bitcoins).

So how do you differentiate between the two? In fact, it must be understood that the Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin. In other words, the Bitcoin uses the Blockchain. In fact, it is the first, and for the moment the most famous, use of Blockchain technology. But we also have more than 3,000 other cryptomonnaies that use it and that may one day overtake Bitcoin.

What is a crypto currency?

What is Cryptomonnaie

If we want to reduce the concept of crypto currency to a simple definition, we can say that these are data that are entered into a database that no one can change without fulfilling very specific conditions. This may seem ordinary, but it is the simplest (and most accurate) way to define a crypto currency.

For example, if you take the money in your bank account, it is also a set of entries in a database that can only be changed under certain conditions. If you take notes and coins, they are also entries in a physical database, which you can modify if you meet the condition of physically owning these notes and coins.

That is what money is all about. Cryptocurrencies are the same thing, but in a 100% digital world.

Why do crypto currencies exist?

  • Cryptocurrencies address several problems with current currencies.
  • Cryptocurrencies are the first source of financing that is free from political influence (as there is no government or central bank that controls its value).
  • They also make it possible to carry out transactions quickly and at low cost (we all know the long delays in exchanges between banks).
  • They also offer anonymity to those who use them to conduct transactions.

However, while cryptomones are supposed to be used to make payments, many use them as speculative securities. Indeed, these have given rise to an incredibly dynamic and growing market.

Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Example of cryptocurrency

Buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin courseFirst of all, there is Bitcoin, which is the first and best known of the crypto-currencies. Bitcoin has always been the focus for other crypto currencies. It is used as a means of payment in many parts of the world and has sometimes been associated with the currency used to commit crimes or buy illegal goods and services on the darknet. After 7 years of existence, the price of Bitcoin has increased from $0 to $17,000.

There isBuy Ether, ether course also the Ethereum, which occupies the second place on the podium in the world of crypto currencies. Ethereum has the ability to carry out transactions but also to generate complex contracts and programs. Its flexibility makes it a perfect instrument for the Blockchain and for creating applications. It should also be noted that the Ethereum is evolving towards a “family” model of crypto currencies insofar as the Ethereum blockchain hosts several currencies, such as Ethereum Classic, DigixDAO and Augur.

There isBuy Ripple, Ripple course also Ripple, who occupies… the third step of the podium. Perhaps the most “hated” crypto currency insofar as it concerns the banking industry. XRP, which is actually the currency (Ripple is the name of the project) is not used as a means to store and exchange value. It’s more like a token to protect a network from spam. Ripple Labs created the XRP token and distributes it as it sees fit. For this reason, it is often said that Ripple is “pre-morning” in the community. Also, and it is important to note, currency is not centralized. A currency that is not a currency and is not even centralized.

Buy Litecoin, Course cornereWe can also mention Litecoin, which is a lighter version of Bitcoin. It is faster, there are more tokens and it uses a new mining algorithm. Litecoin was a real innovation and perfectly matches the size of the Bitcoin’s little brother. It has facilitated the emergence of other crypto currencies, which are even “lighter”, such as Dogecoin or Feathercoin. However, Litecoin has not yet really found any relevant use cases and has therefore lost its second place after Bitcoin. However, everyone is watching for this currency that could act as a savior if the Bitcoin were to collapse.

Buy Monero, Monero courseFinally we have Monero. Monero wants, in a way, to succeed where Bitcoin has failed. If you use Bitcoin, each transaction is documented in the blockchain and the transaction flow can be tracked. With the introduction of the concept of “ring signatures”, Monero’s cryptonite algorithm prevented this monitoring. The first implementation of this algorithm was the Bytecoin currency. But it was rejected by the investment community as the currency was pre-mined. Monero became popular when some “darknet” marketplaces decided to accept it as a means of payment.

Crypto currency

In addition, there are hundreds of crypto currencies that belong to several families. Most of them are nothing more than failed attempts to make quick profits but without underlying projects. However, many of them promise exciting things.

What is the future of crypto currencies?

The cryptomime market is fast and unpredictable. Every day, new cryptomonnaies appear, others die and dozens of people become millionaires while others ruin themselves on bad bets. Each crypto currency comes with promises and generally a beautiful story that promises to change the face of the world. Few manage to survive after a few months of existence. Most are experiencing massive increases before investors sell them en masse and cash in their profits.

The crypto currency market is unforgiving. But this does not change the fact that crypto currencies will remain. They are here to stay and they are here to change the world. It’s already happening. People all over the world buy Bitcoin to protect themselves against the devaluation of their national currency. The Bitcoin markets are active, particularly in Asia. Also, the illegal and clandestine markets that use Bitcoin are flourishing all over the world. More and more companies are discovering the powers of Smart Contracts and the issuance of crypto currencies on the Ethereum blockchain.

The revolution is happening. Institutional investors are starting to buy crypto currencies. Banks and governments realize that this invention could take away the power they have enjoyed until now. Cryptocurrencies influence the world. Step by step.

What’s Bitcoin?

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin represents two concepts: a digital and universal currency but also a secure and anonymous payment system.

Who created the Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin as open source software and released a manifesto with all the characteristics of Bitcoin (and Blockchain) in January 2009. Nakamoto’s identity remains unknown; he is the minor of the first Bitcoin block, the “genesis block”.

Who controls Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto currency. So, and this is quite incredible, no one controls the BTC. No person, no company or government. The BTC is managed by the community of its users. And this is the basis of all its specificity.

What are the advantages?

  • Freedom of payment: you can exchange Bitcoins anytime and anywhere in the world. No holidays, no borders, no forms. Full control of its currency.
  • No transaction fees, unlike Paypal, Western Union or any other money transfer service.
  • More security. Transactions are secure, anonymous, irreversible and therefore do not contain any personal or sensitive information. It is impossible to defraud and hack into the payment system, unlike bank cards, for example.
  • Transparent and neutral. No hidden fees, all transactions are recorded and therefore searchable, no institution receives commissions on transactions.
  • Community. Bitcoin is seen as an alternative method to the domination of banks and states.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Distrust. Not everyone is ready to accept Bitcoin as a payment system. The list of institutions that accept it is growing but remains limited, no network effect yet. Rumours are circulating that big names like Amazon may soon accept it as a means of payment. This is already the case for Expedia, Shopify, Microsoft and Paypal.
  • Volatility. The value of Bitcoin is highly volatile. Bitcoin was worth less than 30 euros in 2013 and, in October 2017, it was worth more than 4,800 euros. We do not know if Bitcoin will still exist in 5 years and we do not know what value it can go up to. Also, relatively minor geopolitical events can affect its value. China issued a temporary “ban” on Bitcoin in September 2017, which caused it to fall by 15% in a few days. However, stability is expected to increase as the technology matures.
  • Development. We are still working on the “beta” versions of the programs that govern Bitcoin. It is not yet fully democratized and many people around the world do not understand how it works.
  • Use. Transactions are more or less anonymous. It is therefore a means of payment used to purchase weapons, drugs and pornographic videos. Because of this, Bitcoin sometimes has a bad reputation.

What are the use cases of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin wants to establish itself as a means of payment worldwide, in the same way as coins, banknotes or credit cards.

However, Bitcoin as a means of payment is far from universal and still few institutions accept it. However, there are some companies and stores (mainly in Japan) that accept to sell goods against Bitcoins.

Is it anonymous?

Bitcoin is not completely anonymous as opposed to what we think (we can always follow the path of IP addresses). It is thought to be anonymous for three main reasons:

  • First of all, unlike bank accounts and other payment systems, Bitcoin addresses are not linked to users’ identities. That is, anyone can create a new Bitcoin address (and associate it with a private key) at any time, without having to give personal information to anyone.
  • Secondly, the transactions are not linked to the identities of the users either. Thus (as long as a minor includes the transaction in a block), anyone can transfer bitcoins from any address to any address, without having to reveal personal information (about the sender or the recipient).
  • Finally, data relating to Bitcoin transactions are transmitted by nodes on the peer-to-peer network. Bitcoin nodes are well connected to each other using IP addresses. However, the role of each node is not known.

Buy Bitcoin

Is it secure?

There is a lot of money that has been exchanged for Bitcoins. Thus, there is a real need for security. Bitcoin uses cryptography to ensure secure payments. This is why Bitcoin is called a “crypto” currency. No Bitcoin has ever been hacked.

Why do they call it “terrorist currency”?

Since Bitcoin is accessible to everyone, promises relative anonymity and allows fast transactions, many have seen an advantage in using it as a means of payment.

In particular, it is widely used in “darknet” marketplaces where members under pseudonyms exchange weapons, drugs and all types of illegal products

Many terrorist movements use these marketplaces as a unique place to obtain these products. Thus, even if this has never been proven, it is very likely that terrorists have purchased weapons (or other illicit products) using Bitcoins.

What is the value / price of Bitcoin?

To know the real time prices of Bitcoin, we invite you to follow its news on the website; also you can find below a curve of the evolution of the BTC/USD exchange since the creation of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Course

At the time of writing, a BTC is worth USD 8,582.

How do I buy Bitcoins?

  • You can accept it as a means of payment for a good or service
  • You can buy them on exchange platforms such as Coinbase
  • You can buy some from one of your relatives who owns some (nothing prevents you from setting your own exchange rate, you can even give Bitcoins)

You can also “mine” it with your computer (requires a powerful computer system)

How to buy Bitcoins and sell Bitcoins?

To send Bitcoins from one portfolio to another, you must first authorize the transaction. As in real life, you authorize the transaction with a signature. For the Bitcoin, this signature is a form of password called a private key.

Option 1 - Bitcoin platforms

Simply follow these steps to be able to buy Bitcoins on an exchange

  • Choose the exchange of your choice
  • Create an account
  • Add a payment method
  • Buy Bitcoin
Option 2 - ATM

Simply follow these steps to be able to buy bitcoins with an ATM

  • Choose a Bitcoin distributor
  • Add your portfolio information
  • Verify your identity
  • Buy Bitcoin

There are two main ways to proceed when you want to exchange bitcoins. You can decide to buy and keep your Bitcoins (for long-term investments) or you can choose to buy and sell frequently (for short-term investments). Because of the risk involved, investing in Bitcoin must be done by experienced people and you only have to invest money that you can afford to lose. Here is a list of popular exchanges for exchanging Bitcoins: CoinBase, Bittrex, Bitfinex, GDAX, Bitstamp, Kraken, Gemini, Poloniex, LakeBTC and BTCC.

Buy Bitcoin

How to secure your purchased Bitcoins?

There are several easy to use ways to store your bitcoins. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with free and easy-to-use wallet software… or you can buy a real wallet.

  • Hardware Wallets are easy to use and also very secure. They also offer data recovery capabilities. However, they are not free of charge.
  • Software Wallets are free and easy to use. They also offer data recovery capabilities. However, they offer less security than Hardware Wallets, as they are easier to hack.
  • Online Wallets (also known as Web Wallets) are free and easy to use. However, they offer less security than Hardware Wallets. They offer a security equivalent to that of Software Wallets.
  • These types of wallets were quite popular at the time. However, they have made many mistakes in the past. We include them in this list for completeness, but we do not recommend them.

Where to buy Bitcoin in France?

In France, thanks to your French bank account, you have access to most trading platforms that allow you to buy and sell BTCs.

Is Bitcoin legal?

It depends on the country you are in. If you are in Japan, it will soon be a formal payment method. India is also considering its formalization. However, China has decided to ban it temporarily until a system of regulations can be found. Countries such as Estonia and Vanuatu have accepted it perfectly. In most countries, it is still a grey area, with no official “ban” or authorization. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is legal in U.K.

What is mining?

Cryptocurrency mining includes two main functions: adding transactions to the blockchain by checking and securing them but also producing new currency.
The individual blocks added by minors must contain what is called a “proof-of-work” (or PoW) protocol.
The mining activity requires a computer and a special program, which allows miners to compete with other miners to solve complicated mathematical problems. This requires a lot of IT resources. At regular intervals, miners try to solve a block by using cryptographic hashing functions. What is it? What is it? As Wikipedia tells us, it is a hash function that, with data of arbitrary size, associates an image of fixed size, and whose essential property is that it is practically impossible to reverse, i.e. if the image of a data by the function is calculated very efficiently, the inverse calculation of an input data having a certain value as an image is practically impossible. For this reason, such a function is said to be one-way.

Buy Bitcoin

The hash value is a numerical value of a specified size that identifies the data. Minors use their computers to solve a block as quickly as possible. Whoever solves the first one becomes the minor of the block and therefore receives a reward. Rewards for bitcoin blocks decrease over time.

Previously, only cryptography fans were employed as miners. However, crypto currencies have become more popular and valuable. Thus, mining can quickly become a lucrative activity. Thus, many and many people and companies have begun to invest in mining workshops and powerful equipment to be competent. Individuals have created “mining pools” where they join forces to deal with the enormous resources of companies. A complete mining kit consists of a set of graphics cards, a processor, a power generator, memory, cables and fans. On Amazon, you can find mining kits whose price varies between 2000 and 3500 euros. If you are interested in mining, you can look at the Avalon6, AntMiner S7 and AntMiner S9 kits. There are mainly two companies that dominate the mining market: Bitmain (based in Beijing) and Canaan.

What is the Ethereum?

Buy Ethereum

Instead of using a large company’s computer system such as Google (a centralized system), Ethereum lets the software run on a network of several private computers (a decentralized system).

Desktops and cloud servers are being replaced by a large and decentralized network of many small computers that are managed by volunteers around the world.

The main idea behind the Ethereum is that anyone can use this new decentralized network to create and manage decentralized applications. No need for permission as there is no third party.
The Ethereum’s vision is to create a “global computer”, a huge network of private computers that will host all future applications without the help of a third party (such as Google and Microsoft).

Ethereum reinvents the way the Internet works. It takes power and control away from big business and puts it in your hands

Why does the Ethereum exist?

To understand the Ethereum, you must first understand how the Internet works today.

Nowadays, when you give your personal information (such as your name or postal address) to an online company, this information is stored in their computer system (called servers).

Most IT systems are operated by large “Tech” companies such as Microsoft or Google, which manage them instead of the companies you contract with.

When you think about it, you realize that a lot of your personal information is stored on hundreds of corporate or government servers. Your name, phone numbers, bank account balances, credit card records, messages, emails, medical information and even photos. The list is endless! You have tons of servers around you, huge and invisible, containing tons of personal information.

Buy Ethereum

This current method is rather practical, but it has two major shortcomings. First, the costs to run these servers are huge, and you pay them. Then you have your personal information stored in computer systems that are vulnerable: they can be hacked.

Hacking happens all the time, because each server is seen as a huge target that is full of high-value information for hackers. All companies face this problem. They’re in an endless race against the hackers.

Recent examples of hacking that have generated the theft of thousands of personal information include well-known companies such as Dropbox, Walmart, Starbucks, Facebook, Equifax and Google. No company can fully protect itself in the long term.

The Ethereum is revolutionary because, for the first time, it allows online computer systems to operate without using a third party

Who created the Ethereum?

In 2013, programmer Vitalik Buterin and his classmates created the Ethereum.

How does the Ethereum work?

There are many advantages to not requiring a third party (such as Google) to store and transfer information. Without intermediaries, computer systems become cheaper to operate and also more difficult to hack.

In addition, your personal information may become more private as companies no longer need to store it (forever) on their server. You are certainly beginning to understand why the Ethereum could change the world.

Imagine two people sending messages to each other on their respective smartphones, traditionally, the two people send messages to each other using applications like WhatsApp, Facebook or Skype, which are managed by large companies. Once sent, the message goes from the sender to the company’s server and only then arrives in the hands of the recipient.

Now, imagine that both people are using a decentralized application built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Ethereum system is not managed by a company, but by a network of independent and private computers around the world.

When someone presses “Send”, the message goes from the sender to the Ethereum network and then to the recipient. The best part? Your message is “hidden” and “invisible” to the network. Decentralized applications work automatically, without intermediaries, because they use Smart Contracts.

Buy Ethereum

Smart Contracts establish pre-established rules between computers and apply them automatically. They operate like vending machines, which are programmed to apply certain rules automatically. “Do you put 50 cents in the machine? You’ll get nothing. Do you invest 1 euro? You get a soda? You place 1 euro but there are no more cans in the machine? You get your money back.” Imagine football tickets sold using the Smart Contracts of the Ethereum Blockchain.
Since the contract is “smart”, it can automatically act based on certain events. For example, the Smart Contract could be connected to a weather application and programmed to automatically reimburse you in the event of a rainy day. Pretty magical, isn’t it?

Most applications built on the Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts require an exchange of currency. The Ethereum is completely digital, so it needs an internal payment system to do this.
In the Ethereum ecosystem, all payments are made using a specific crypto currency, ETH.

The combination of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology is what makes Ethereum so relevant, as it removes the need for an expensive third party to manage applications and send money.

What is the value of the Ethereum?

To know the current prices of the Ethereum, we invite you to follow its news on the website; also you can find below a curve of the evolutions of the ETH/USD exchange since the creation of the Ethereum:

Ethereum course

What are the uses of Ethereum?

The idea behind the Ethereum is to have applications that are decentralized and can be used to remove intermediaries from hundreds of industries. Smart Contracts can operate apps, exchange currency and other values… and ensure the exchange of information between users.

It is a revolutionary new technology and we are only beginning to see the contours of it. It is much more than a crypto currency as it is already the source of several dozen crypto currencies that have concrete applications in the real world. One thing is certain: the Ethereum will change the world!

Example 1: Peer-to-peer marketplaces
With Ethereum, it is possible to create marketplaces where buyers can buy directly from sellers, with no intermediaries. For example, imagine artists selling music directly to their fans, instead of using intermediaries like Apple or Amazon. Music could then become cheaper and artists would have access to a larger share of sales revenue. A win-win strategy!
Example 2: Peer-to-peer insurance
With Ethereum, it is possible to create “intelligent” insurance policies that are automatically sold and managed on peer-to-peer systems. For example, imagine car insurance that automatically charges you a small amount for the kilometres you drive. The insurance world can become cheaper and more personalized.
Example 3: Smart Power Grid
With Ethereum, it is possible to ensure that solar panels buy and sell energy to the grid. The system can intelligently sell excess energy during peak use periods to obtain the best prices. In winter, the system can also purchase additional amounts of energy. An intelligent management of our resources thanks to the Ethereum
Example 4: Health
With Ethereum, it is possible to create a platform that records, manages and rewards your actions that will contribute to better health. This can be done with smart objects (such as Fitbit bracelets or Apple Watches). For example, communities of people can come together and create smart contracts that reward those who achieve their fitness goals.

Now you know what makes the Ethereum so unique. It is a Smart Contracts platform that allows completely foreign individuals to exchange digital information, goods or money through applications in an extremely secure way. No need to trust and no need to rely on a third party! The Ethereum is revolutionary because it gives you total control over your digital applications and information. It’s his power that makes him so popular!

How do I get Ethereum?

As with Bitcoin, you can mine the Ethereum Blockchain or buy and sell Ethereum on the various exchanges that exist.

What is the Litecoin?

Buy Litecoin

Litecoin is an improved version of Bitcoin that has very similar characteristics. It is a bit like Bitcoin’s “little brother” because, like him, it intends to become a universal digital currency. However, this crypto currency has been designed to allow very fast and inexpensive transactions (unlike Bitcoin).

Why does the Litecoin exist?

One of the main advantages of open-source projects, like Bitcoin networks, is that everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the source code of applications and add the options and features they want. The cost of each crypto currency is determined by the community of system users who, by mutual consent, use that crypto currency.

Currently, Bitcoin is the currency with the highest market value. However, this does not mean that there is no room for other crypto currencies that can coexist alongside Bitcoins or that can be used for use cases that Bitcoin cannot address.

The developer of the Litecoin network, Charlie Lie, has decided to improve the Bitcoin system. In particular, it decided to shorten the time needed to validate a new transaction (which allows more transactions to be made at the same time), and also to change the Bitcoin mining algorithm.

For Bitcoin mining, the SHA-256 algorithm is used, it is based on a computer’s processors. For Litecoin, we use a script algorithm, which requires a large memory. Before, Bitcoin could be mined on relatively conventional computers. Now, because of the competition between miners. The mining process has become much more complicated. To be able to mine Bitcoin, users had to buy more powerful equipment (ASIC equipment, with specific characteristics). This was in addition to electricity costs and the prices of mining equipment.
ASIC equipment is very expensive and can only be used to mine, and for nothing else. Thus, Charlie Lee wanted to further democratize the production of Litecoins. It had to be based on a different technology. Thus, the Litecoins mining algorithm is based on memory usage. And so you no longer need to buy ASIC equipment to mine Litecoin

What is the value of the Litecoin?

To know the real time prices of Litecoin, we invite you to follow its news on the website; also you can find below a curve of the evolution of the LTC/USD exchange since the creation of Litecoin:

Course corner

What are the uses of Litecoin?

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin intends to become a universal means of payment. It is purely a crypto currency.

How to buy and sell Litecoin?

As for Bitcoin, you can mine the Litecoin Blockchain (without ASIC equipment therefore!) or buy and sell Litecoins on the different exchanges that exist.

How to trade crypto currency?

How to trade cryptomone?

To trade crypto currency, you must register for an exchange. Then, you must fund your account with cash. This can be done by bank transfer or directly from your credit card (for some platforms only). Then you exchange this currency for the crypto currency of your choice.

What performance can I expect?

It should be noted that the crypto currency market is extremely volatile and it is impossible to predict or even guarantee performance (even if the new “Bitcoin gurus” who have emerged on the web claim to have the capacity).

Some cryptomonnaies have three-digit growth rates over a day and others can lose half their value in a few days. Sometimes it’s the same, a few days apart. It is possible to earn a lot of money very quickly but it is also possible to lose everything in a few hours.

How to manage your risks?

“Do your own research” is probably the most useful advice we can give you. Never invest in a crypto currency without understanding its definition, fundamentals and use cases. Also, take the time to read the “white papers” of the crypto currencies you want to invest in (you can find them on the official websites of the crypto currencies). Finally, you will have to take a look at the constitution of the founding teams (and you must judge for yourself whether or not these people are able to create the “roadmap” they have enacted for their crypto currency)

Buy Bitcoin

What can increase the price of crypto currencies?

Each crypto currency depends on very different factors as the cases of use and the founding teams are not the same. However, there are general trends.

Turning back to fundamentals and broad economic paradigms, it should be noted that the value of an asset increases when demand for that asset exceeds supply for that asset. Thus, an increasing adoption of crypto currencies will automatically contribute to an increase in their value. Yes, you have understood, the more entities that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, the more it will make sense to have Bitcoin, the more people will want to acquire Bitcoin, the more demand there will be, the more the value of Bitcoin will increase

In the short term, announcements of partnerships with major companies often contribute to the increase in crypto currencies. This is particularly true of Ripple (XRP) when it announced partnerships with major banks. The founder of Tron (TRX), Justin Sun, also let the (unproven) rumor of a partnership with Alibaba (the Chinese e-commerce giant) spread; the value of TRX exploded in a matter of hours.

What can lower the price of crypto currencies?

Conversely, failure to adopt crypto currencies will contribute to the fall in their value. If a crypto currency becomes useless, then it makes no sense to own it, so people will no longer buy it (and will even try to sell it), so supply will increase as demand falls and, mechanically, the value of the crypto currency will decline.

There are also internal factors within each crypto currency. The value of Tron (TRX) recently fell when the community realized that the founding team had plagiarized a large part of its white paper. Also, the value of crypto currencies declines when institutional investors (whales) decide to sell large quantities of the same crypto currency in a very short period of time. This inevitably causes the market to move.

Where to find out more?

To find out more, you have all kinds of media at your disposal. However, you should start by visiting the official websites of the crypto currencies you want to invest in. Read the white papers and be interested in the backgrounds of the founding team members.

Then, you often have a blog that is linked to crypto currency, where the founders publish the progress of projects. You also have Telegram channels, where the community of investors of this crypto currency discuss.

Generally speaking, you have tons of blogs on crypto currencies blooming on both sides. This is also the case for Facebook groups, Twitter accounts and Youtube channels.

How to define your investment budget?

Buy Bitcoin

The general rule, especially in an extremely volatile market environment like this one, is “invest only what you are willing to lose”.

You will probably see, hear and meet people who have made miraculous gains in a very short time thanks to crypto currencies. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that this will happen to you automatically. Many people have also lost all their savings by investing in crypto currencies (obviously, we hear much less about these people).

What exchanges and platforms exist?

There are dozens and dozens of platforms. The best known are Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex and Bittrex

On what criteria should we choose our exchange?

You must first choose an exchange that is secure. Since you will be storing crypto currency (whether in the short or long term), you cannot afford to choose an exchange that is vulnerable to piracy.

Also, you must choose an exchange that offers the crypto currencies you are interested in (most investors have accounts on several exchanges, in order to have access to a fairly wide range of crypto currencies). Also, it will be necessary to look at the fees that this exchange applies to each of the transactions. Finally, you will prefer exchanges that offer a good user interface and where you can have easy access to information.

What are the costs?

The fees are related to each exchange and each currency. Make sure that your exchange communicates clearly and transparently about these fees.

Buy Bitcoin

What are the taxes on crypto currencies?

If you sell your bitcoins and transfer your earnings in euros to regularised supports, you will have to declare the profits if the price has risen since the purchase. No declaration if your income does not exceed €305. Your earnings remain in “BNC” (= a 34% discount on these profits) as long as this share represents less than 50% of your traditional income. Otherwise they change to “BIC” (Three scales, 0 to 33 200 €, 33 200 to 240 000 € and one scale above, there is in any case a 50% discount. These limits should be doubled by 2018).
While the principle of the taxation of Bitcoins has been clarified by the tax administration, it is still necessary for individuals to declare spontaneously that they hold this virtual currency and the transactions they carry out for taxation to be effective. However, Bitcoins escape the traditional banking system. As a result, the tax authorities do not receive any automatic information from banks on the operations carried out and on the holding of Bitcoins, nor do they receive any IFUs. In other words, it is impossible to link your personal or banking information and your Bitcoin portfolio.

However, as announced above, the status of crypto currencies is expected to change in France in the coming months.

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