Buy EOS (EOS): All about its Price, Courses and other Crypto

On which platforms can EOS (EOS) be bought and sold?


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EOS will probably soon be one of the most popular cryptos on the Ethereum network. However, the crypto will only use this network at the beginning: it will then have its own blockchain, like Omise Go.

Cryptomonnaie is based on a “model crowdsale” and it should be known that 90% of the currency is distributed to individuals (and not retained by the founding team for example). It also has important scalability features (the possibility of strong growth without consuming many resources) and it would seem that its team is talking about great promises in the project’s whitepaper. Focus on a cryptomonnaise that may well dethrone the Ethereum.

How it works: for what purposes can EOS (EOS) be purchased?

As mentioned above, the project is highly “scalable”, unlike many Blockchain deployments.

For example, if Visa can handle up to 1667 transactions per second (and Paypal a little less than 200), Bitcoin cannot exceed 4 transactions per second (and 20 for Ethereum). Why? Why? Because each node of the network must be the subject of a consensus before being compiled.

However, this is not the case with EOS, which claims to use the “proof-of-stake” method to manage millions of transactions per second. Interesting, isn’t it?Buy EOS, prices, courses EOS has many uses. Simply put, they are the same as those of the Ethereum but with much faster transaction speeds. EOS can be a payment method for the web hosting sector, for example. Traditionally, you pay a monthly or annual subscription to Godaddy or another hosting provider to have a domain name. With EOS, you can pay the same subscription but for a site that will depend on EOS technology, much faster and therefore offers a better user experience.

Our review on EOS (EOS): should we buy?

When EOS launched its ICO in the summer of 2017, everyone talked about the end of the Ethereum and the advent of a much more efficient technology.
In reality, the ICO will last for a year and the team wanted to make a massive diffusion of its tokens. It would seem that the bold marketing strategy has not yet borne fruit. The EOS course didn’t really fly away

There has been a lot of hype around this crypto but it seems that the market has calmed down. Investors are now waiting to see if the team will hold its projects and if EOS is really able to gain market share at Ethereum