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Ignis is the first “child channel” in the Ardor blockchain to have all the existing features of NXT and other Ardor-specific enhancements. We advise you to read the Ardor fact sheet to learn more about this project. However, we will give some explanations here.
Ardor is a new generation blockchain that allows the addition of so-called “child” channels. Ardor acts as a parent chain that processes transactions through a proof of stake (POS) consensus mechanism. This mechanism ensures the security and scalability of its underlying child chains.
On children’s channels, transaction fees are paid in native tokens, so users do not need to own Ardor tokens. The Ardor tokens were distributed via an automatic mechanism to NXT holders last year.

In the Ardor ecosystem, there will be several child chains that may own all or part of the parent chain. Ardor child chains are a new technology where inter-chain transactions can be easily carried out. Indeed, the children’s channels are closely integrated into the Ardor parental chain. And as mentioned above, since this summer Ignis has been the very first children’s channel in the Ardor ecosystem.
It is also the only children’s channel without any restrictions. Other child channel tokens will probably not have all the possible features, as owners can disable features such as the decentralized market in favor of a centralized market. Classic” children’s channels can be authorized, comply with the KYC / AML law or adapted to local regulations (securities). But the Ignis children’s channel is completely free and will have no restrictions.
Finally, thanks to the parent/child chain ecosystem, tokens and assets can be exchanged between chains, allowing users to directly exchange IGNIS tokens for ARDR chain tokens.

How it works: for which uses can Ignis (IGNIS) be purchased?

The notion of “child chain” is considered as a new generation blockchain technology in which smaller block chains are simultaneously independent in their characteristics while continuing to exist and acquire the qualities of a parent blockchain that is larger.
The concept of child chains is expected to help larger blockchains with scalability problems… which is one of the most pressing problems for blockchains (including Ethereum). Ardor and Ignis represent a convincing possible solution to these problems.
As a general rule, Ignis is considered a test coin for this blockchain model, so its release on a major crypto exchange is an important step that the Ardor faithful have been waiting for since its announcement in late December.

Our review: should we buy Ignis (IGNIS)?

Your opinion on Ignis should be close to that of the corners that are the result of Ardor’s technology. The technology from Ardor and Ignis is very promising, as it is the first project to use the parental chain / child chain functionality. Also, we note that a large community stands behind the developments of Ignis. Thus, we already have a relative adoption for token.
Most companies could probably benefit from a blockchain solution in one way or another, and Ardor is potentially one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways for a company to get an extremely flexible and workable
solution. It also makes it difficult to predict the potential value of tokens. This depends largely on what Ardour sees and the types of applications it is used for.
It should be noted that many aspects of the Ardor blockchain have already proven their value. NXT is now “old” by cryptocurrency standards – it was created in 2013. NXT is a token that has proven its functionality and reliability since then, so the Ardor and Ignis blockchains are likely to work with similar reliability

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