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On which platforms can MONERO (XMR) be purchased?

How to summarize Monero? Many people in the cryptomone investing community like to say that Monero is a bit like what people thought Bitcoin was: an ultra-secure currency that allows anonymous transactions to take place. It’s like the Bitcoin is the beta version of Monero in a way.
Monero is above all an ultra-easy to use digital payment method that reaches a level of confidentiality rarely equalled. We will tell you more about it in the rest of the page.

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Operation: for which uses can MONERO (XMR) be purchased?

Monero is one of the fastest growing cryptomones (and has had a very volatile XMR price). Its security and confidentiality guarantee have made the currency attractive to investors. Also, its ease of use is one of the main reasons for its adoption.

Thus, anyone wishing to issue confidential transactions (whether sales or purchases) could turn to Monero. It is therefore a currency that you can use if you do not want to leave any traces. It is the digital currency of people who want to remain anonymous.
If you take the Bitcoin, you should know that all past transactions are recorded in the blockchain and can be viewed by anyone. Thus, Bitcoins that have been associated with malicious works may be banned from certain exchanges. This is not the case with Monero. This is why dark web marketplaces such as AlphaBay or Oasis have massively adopted Monero.

Buy Monero on eToro

Our review on MONERO (XMR): should we buy?

Monero is a cryptomonnaise that has many advantages. It is of course secure: this is the case of all decentralized crypto currencies based on blockchain technology.
<Furthermore, it respects the privacy of its users by using an authentication system based on signatures and confidential information that other currencies do not always use.
In addition, the addresses of portfolios that issue and receive transactions are hidden: this makes Monero untraceable. You can’t link a real-world identity and a transaction.

And that’s why there is a strong demand for Monero. Thus its price may increase if more and more people wish to carry out anonymous transactions. In this sense, we will advise you to buy Monero.

However, Monero should not become the currency of illegal trafficking in arms, drugs and human beings. Such a reputation has already done a lot of damage to Bitcoin and if Monero were to adopt this status, exchanges could then decide to ban this currency; automatically its value would drop. This is a risk to consider before buying XMR.