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Nano, what is it? It’s simply better Bitcoin. Indeed, the crypto currency intends to succeed where the mastodon of currencies has failed (or has not yet improved enough, depending on your perspective).

This starts with the transaction speed of the Bitcoin. It is no longer a discovery now but it was just before the creation of the Nano (or rather RaiBlock, which is the old name of Nano, until January 31, 2018, you will have understood it): the Bitcoin is too slow (average transaction time of 164 minutes), transactions take too long. It is not “scalable”: i.e. it poses major problems for large volumes of transactions. Nano offers a much faster transaction speed and transaction verification.

Next: expenses. It should be noted that the median fees associated with Bitcoin transactions exceed US$10. In the long term, Nano wants transactions at no cost. Pretty nice, huh? In addition, it promises much lower energy consumption than the latter. The planet says thank you.

In short, Nano wants to become Bitcoin instead of Bitcoin.

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How it works: for what uses can we buy Nano (XRB)?

Nano uses its own technology: block-lattice. Block-lattice has an infrastructure similar to that of a blockchain. However, each user at Nano is the owner of his blockchain and its modifications. Thus, the entire block-lattice network is not updated at the same time. This allows users to send and update blocks on their account chain without depending on the entire network.

Nano also uses a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) which has two major advantages: a significant reduction in IT costs but also the possibility of sending funds to an offline user.

There is also a double transaction mechanism, where it is up to both the recipient and the sender of the funds to verify a transaction: more secure transactions, therefore and above all faster, because they do not depend on minors (unlike Bitcoin, where minors are paid to verify transactions).

Finally, there is no block size problem since all transactions are processed independently of the main network chain: nodes are not responsible for maintaining a complete record of all network transactions (they only store each individual’s account balances on each blockchain).

Our review: should we buy Nano (XRB)?

Nano is an interesting currency in that it aims to correct the major problems of Bitcoin. It is true that in the long term, everyone dreams of a currency with instant transactions and no fees.

However, we are not completely optimistic about the future of Nano. First of all, there are a lot of crypto currencies that also try to offer the same things as Bitcoin, “but for the better”. Litecoin is, in essence, an improved version of Bitcoin.

Moreover, XRB currency is only present on very few trading platforms as you can see above. Thus, it does not encourage its widespread adoption. But it is a problem that can be solved in the medium term (and it is being solved).
Future partnerships that the Nano team will enter into will need to be closely monitored: this could make Nano a feasible payment option. So no more demand and therefore the XRB course which could increase