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The Oyster platform uses these features to create an ecosystem where users can pay to store files in a decentralized and anonymous way. They can also offer a fraction of their CPU or GPU power in exchange for advertising-free access to the websites that participate in the system.
This is how Oyster brings together two types of users, those who want to store files and those who want ad-free access.
It is not surprising that file storage is becoming more and more attractive. Take a moment to think about how quickly you should use all the storage available on your phone or computer.Buy Oyster The other aspect of Oyster is also interesting. Are you afraid of the information that ads collect about you?
Currently, website hosts are losing revenue due to Adblock, even worse, they are losing traffic because visitors are forced to disable ad blocking or pay a monthly fee without advertising. To solve the problem, the Oyster protocol provides a revenue stream to website owners by using a small portion of their visitors’ computer processing.
It is not difficult to see that there is room for this platform. It has significant growth potential.

How it works: for what purposes can Oyster (PRL) be purchased?

How does the Oyster protocol work? Let’s simply explain it, John wants to store sensitive data, he chooses to spend PRL to anonymously download files. PRL is integrated in the downloaded files.
Sam decides to visit a website where the Oyster protocol is enabled, passively his CPU / GPU starts performing a “Proof-Of-Work” algorithm to “find” PRL in encrypted data cards of downloaded files. PRL tokens are then sent back to the site host, creating a complete revenue stream, also reducing the need for ads or fees.

Our review: should we buy Oyster (PRL)?

We hate all advertising on websites. It is even more unbearable when you are asked to disable your ad blocker because it depends on advertising revenue. It’s boring, but it’s a necessary evil, or at least it was. Thanks to Oyster Pearl, websites will be able to include a single line of code in the source code of their web page, which will use their visitors’ CPU and GPU space for POW. Thanks to Oyster’s technology, a web page will no longer have to rely on annoying ads to generate revenue and the visitor to the web page will have a much more fluid and enjoyable browsing experience.
The other value that Oyster brings is decentralized storage. Users can spend their tokens to have their data hosted on the IOTA network. The data is hosted by the owners of IOTA nodes. However, the community fears that the IOTA network may be attacked.

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There are a few other concerns about the project. Mainly on the fact that the main developer, Bruno, is anonymous. Also, the developers received a lot of funding following the success of the ICO and asked the community for ideas on how to market the part. Will they meet their investors’ expectations? We are not sure about the answer to this question.
Overall, it is a risky project but the main developer is very active on the Telegram channel. It publishes technical drawings on how the project works and answers community questions quickly and professionally. For this reason, you should put a small amount in Oyster Pearl

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