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Populous is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that uses blockchain technology to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a more efficient way to pay invoices in the business cycle. For example, late bill payments cost small businesses in the United Kingdom more than $2 billion a year in lost fees and opportunities, and thanks to invoice financing, companies can sell their unpaid bills at a reduced price to quickly free up money. The person who buys the invoice actually takes over and receives the money when the customer pays – a revolution for a large part of the economy!

Context: why Populous (PPT) exists?

Keeping a positive cash flow is a necessary part of any SME’s strategy, especially in an economy recovering from a recession. After all, having access to money allows an SME to create new opportunities, develop plans, buy new equipment, pay wages and negotiate better conditions for its suppliers. unfortunately, keeping a steady flow of money in the company is often easier said than done, especially if customers take time to pay. Today, it is estimated that late payments cost British SMEs more than £2 billion a year (Musaddique Report, 2017), but there is a solution called invoice factoring. It is a form of financing that frees up money related to an SME’s exceptional sales and instantly charges at a cost that SMEs and investors agree. There are currently more than 40,000 companies across the United Kingdom using this method, particularly in contexts where more traditional financial institutions have rejected their requests for financing, Populous has decided to improve this method by removing the third party and relying on blockchain Populous

How it works: how does it work Populous (PPT)?

The platform is based on two categories of people: invoice buyers and invoice sellers. More simply, invoice sellers list their invoices on the Populous platform so that invoice buyers can bid. The bidding process takes 24 hours and the invoice seller makes his choice. A kind of Ebay for wholesale invoices. With Populous, there are 2 tokens associated. First of all, there are the PPT Tokens, these are the tokens available on the exchanges, i.e. those that you can buy if you wish. PPT tokens are access tokens. In other words, users must first buy them in order to access the Populous platform. Then there are the Pokens tokens. These are the platform currency and are used to transfer value between buyers and seller. Now we explain the process for buyers:

  • Buy PPT tokens from exchanges
  • Convert your PPT tokens to Pokens that you can use in the platform
  • Bid on an invoice: the higher you bid, the more likely you are to win the auction
  • If you win, you will pay your Pokens to the invoice seller
  • Buy Populous (PPT): All about its Price, Course and other CryptoWhen the invoice is due for payment, you will receive the paid invoice

The process for sellers is pretty much the same; except that you are the one who lists the invoice and you choose the offer you want to accept.

Our review: should we buy Populous (PPT)?

Populous is a young project that still has a lot to prove. Although the team members do not have as much experience with blockchain technology as the others equipped, they have already signed some interesting partnerships, it should be noted that the current market capitalization of the project is considerably higher than other cryptocurrency projects that target much larger customers. The recent announcement of the Populous data platform is a strong step forward that can help extend their reach in the market, it seems that the team still keeps a lot of information about the platform before launching the beta version. You should expect many announcements and updates in the coming months, once this happens. Maybe it will be good to make a decision only then