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Have you heard of Tronix (TRX)? This is the official currency of the TRON project, which aims to become a decentralized content platform for entertainment. As you can guess, the project intends to use the mechanisms of the blockchain and a peer-to-peer system to achieve this objective.

If you read between the lines of TRON’s whitepaper, you can see that the founders are big fans of Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web (WEB). Why is that important? Because the man in question is a great defender of the Internet as a tool for all, not for the benefit of small groups. By the way, the foundation that founded TRON is a non-profit organization.

That’s why TRON intends to develop an open source platform that will allow digital content creators to avoid having to go through intermediaries such as the App Store or the Google Play Store. Thus, no commissions collected by Silicon Valley giants and funds that go directly from the user to the creator.

Right now, a lot of our data is in the hands of giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Snapchat. TRON’s mission? Reduce this control and empower individuals. A libertarian ideology as we like them in the world of cryptos
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How it works: for what purposes can TRON (TRX) be purchased?

TRON’s mission? “Take care of the Internet”, thanks to the following features:

  • Data release
  • Distribution and exchange of digital assets

Why buy Tronix (TRX)? To have a means of exchange on the platform, to buy, sell and distribute content.

An important point to note is that the company is seeking to reward its long-term investors and to repel investors who want to make a quick profit. For example, if you buy TRX tokens and keep them long enough, they may well earn you voting rights and a higher status in the TRON community.

Our review on TRON (TRX): should we buy TRON (TRX)?

Of course, our answer varies depending on the TRON (TRX) course. Each purchase opportunity is correlated to a purchase price.

TRON is a pleasant project for three main reasons: the problem that the project aims to solve, the basic ideology and the founder.

The problem: it is true that the success of an App is far too correlated to its influence on the App Store or on the Google Play Store. Apple and Google have far too much power and the idea of being able to make them obsolete (at least in this sector) is rather attractive.

Ideology: we always appreciate when projects have a slightly broader aim than the simple generation of profits. TRON is looking to give back some power to individuals, and that’s appreciated.

The founder: Justin Sun. He is often referred to as “the next Jack Ma” (Alibaba’s founder and CEO). His CV is impressive, as is that of his CTO.

These three fundamentals are good indicators for TRON’s long-term success (TRX). However, reality has yet to confirm these signals.

Buy TRON, prices, courses