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VeChain, the world’s largest blockchain-based product management platform, is revolutionizing the way products move through the supply chain. Using blockchain technology, VeChain simplifies and secures the collection, management and sharing of important product data with suppliers and consumers throughout their entire life cycle.
Established two years ago in Singapore, VeChain’s vision is to create greater market transparency and provide consumers with access to more detailed information about the products they buy, sell and interact with.
By having a complete 360-degree view of the supply chain, with all components registered and stored in a tamper-proof distributed registry, retailers and manufacturers can be confident in the quality and authenticity of their products.

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How it works: for which uses can we buy VeChain (VEN)?

To achieve its ambitious vision, VeChain has developed a powerful platform with blockchain technology. The VeChain platform allows manufacturers to assign products with unique identities, allowing manufacturers, supply chain partners and even consumers to interact with the product via the platform. VeChain uses blockchain technology to ensure the security of the data collected, by assigning private keys to all participants in the supply chain.
A product on the VeChain platform is assigned a unique identifier, which is stored simultaneously in the blockchain, and placed on the product with an NFC chip, RFID tag or QR code. At any time during the life of the product, the chip, label or code can be read by different actors, whether it is a distribution or retail partner verifying batch membership or a consumer who wants to learn more about the origin of a product.
Finally, the company is considering a wide range of applications, including brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and food safety.

Our review: should we buy VeChain (VEN)?

VeChain is one of the most established blockchain companies in the industry. Not only do they have customers who use a functional product, but they also have a team with extensive experience in the industry they are targeting.
With partnerships with giants such as PwC and the Chinese government, they should have no problem developing their clients. Some people may wonder about their time in the company’s DApp space, but this seems beneficial for customers looking for a more robust block chain solution that meets their company’s specific needs. if VeChain continues at its current pace, it would not be surprising to see VEN among the best values of 2018.
In the event of “bursting” the crypto bubble, Vechain will not only survive, but could take a place among the 4 best coins in the year. Here’s why:
The project is focused on a high-growth market.
Vechain (VEN) focuses on Smart Contracts and wishes to specialize in ICOs and DApps. This is one of the most practical aspects of blockchain to date, and also one of the fastest growing aspects. Therefore, as the number of ICOs increases, Smart Contracts platforms such as Vechain are guaranteed to grow.
The other two Smart Contracts platforms NEO and Ethereum have already expanded, Vechain is the next one.
It should also be noted that VeChain has signed prestigious partnerships. The platform has partnered with several companies from different industries: VeChain has partnerships with companies from industries as diverse as health, finance and real estate, which many other cryptos have been unable to achieve. It must be said that the VeChain use case is very relevant.
VeChain also has very good relations with the Chinese government. Only VEN and NEO enjoy this privilege, which is particularly important in the context of discussions on the regulations of the Chinese market.