FSMA in Belgium unveils its Forex and Binary Options blacklist

To evolve serenely and safely in the world of binary options, investors must be very careful in choosing the online broker with whom they will conduct their transactions, whether they are forex or binary options. For those who do, traders should be vigilant before registering and speculating on a platform. It is in their best interest to select the most reliable sites. In this context, they can rely on the black lists revealed by the competent bodies.

On the Belgian side, the FSMA or Autorité des services et marchés financiers is responsible for publishing the names of brokers whose names it is better to be wary of. In particular, the list was updated at the beginning of October 2015.

The black list of online brokers

In Belgium, the Autorité des services et marchés financiers is in charge of disclosing the black list of online brokers to be wary of. This document reveals the names of financial intermediaries who do not justify the authorisation to operate in Belgian territory. It can be compared to the black list of the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers in France) which also regularly reveals sites not recommended to French traders.

belgian regulator fsma blacklist

However, the list shared by the FSMA shows a small difference: it does not only include Forex traders and binary options, but also investment firms, financial firms and banks. It should also be noted that the majority of these entities are simply scammersas is too often found in the world of financial investments.

A brief reminder about the FSMA

The Autorité des services et marchés financiers is responsible for monitoring financial markets, ensuring that operators have integrity and that consumers are not harmed. It should be recalled that a permanent control is being set up in Belgium in order to maintain market stability, but also to preserve investor confidence. Transparency, fairness, honesty, security and professionalism are the key words.

In practice, supervision is carried out by two entities: the FSMA on the one hand and the National Bank of Belgium on the other. For its part, the FSMA closely monitors the financial markets and listed companies. In addition, its role is to supervise certain financial institutions and grant authorisations. This institution ensures that financial intermediaries comply with the guidelines. At the same time, it contributes to the sound financial education of individuals operating in financial markets.

The FMSA blacklist of October 2015

Before giving you a list in alphabetical order of the financial operators to avoid, it should be noted that these are also not recommended in France. Below are the companies to avoid:

– Abena Invest Ltd
– AGFMarkets
– AJ Browder Capital
– Al Global Impex Ltd
– Algorates
– AMF Capital Limited
– Analysis Finance
– Analyst Invest
– Arian Financial (cloned firm)
– Asia Pacific Ltd (cloned firm)
– Assets Credit Union
– Aston Forex
– Aston Markets
– Axel Neumann (cloned firm)
– Ate Binary Limited
– Axis Investment Group
– AXN Trading
– B.H.Global France (B.H.G. France)
– B.H.N.N.V. online Ltd
– B.P.Y Technologies Ltd
Bank Of Market –
Bankandcapital –
BanqofBroker – Central
Bank of Europe –
BarclaysBroker –
BFBMarkets –
B.F. Capital Ltd
– BFM International Ltd
– BfmMarkets
– BforBroker
– BFXOption
– BH France
– BHM26 Services Ltd
– BHR Conseils
– Binareo
– Binaritrading
– Binaroom
– Binary Forex Market VIP
– Binary Stock Market Bank (BSMB)
– Blue Fox Consulting Ltd
– Bo Bank
– Bourke Ltd
– BoursoMarket
– Boursoratrade
– Brandt-Swift Associates
– Bridgestone Trading
– Bright Sheen Limited
– Broker International Bank
– Broker&Co
– Burton Financial Partners
– Capital Hill Group
– Capital Markets Ltd
– Cardell Co limited
– Cartius Finance
– CDH Investments
– CEA Finance
– Centrale Bank Europe
– CFX Markets
– Changsheng Associates
– Cit Markets (Citmarkets)
– CO&H limited
– COB Trading
– Colbert Capital
– Consortrade limited
– Corolla Financial
– CT-Broker
– Dalerich ltd
– Dashan International
– Dealinpro
– Deniver Limited
– Denko Group
– DeutscheMarkets
– Direct Epargne
– DNT Limited
– Ebinaires
– Edmund Rome Corporate
– EF Investing
– Elantra Limited
– Equity Capitals
– Euro Asia Invest
– European Commodities Commission (ECC)
– Eventus Alternatives Commercial Broker LLC
– Excel Management
– Experia Management Group
– Expert Data
– Expert Finance

– F&C Investment
– F&EC Management Limited
– Fi Options
– Fi-Corporation
– Fi Services
– Fife Hamilton Associates
– Finance Academy
– Finance Academy – Finance Academy Trading
– Finance International
– Financial Advice
– Financial Advisors Online
– Financial Broker
– Financial Futures
– Financial International
– Financial Strategy
– Finanperf
– FIPconseil
– Forex Club (Forex Club International Limited)
– ForexTrada
– Fortune 2014 Ltd
– Fortune Bank
– FSI Union
– Ftradition
– Futurmarket
– FX Capital Bank (FXCB)
– FXbanque
– FXCB Capital Markets Limited
– FXCB Limited
– FXCM (cloned firm)
– FXGL Capital
– FXNTrade
– FXObank
– G.A. and M.A. Solutions Limited
– G.I. Technologies
– GDPX Assets Ltd
– Gemsasia Investments Corporation
– General Options
– Genkai Securities
– Geyser Bank
– GFS Limited
– GFS Securities
– Global Secure Ltd
– Global Strategy Capital Markets Ltd
– Globstate Assets Holdings Limited
– GMT Private Broker
– GMTInvest
– Golden-Bank
– Good Option
– Grandwic Ltd
– Great Raise Ltd
– Greenberg International Law & Tax Advisory
– Green Seed Capital
– Groupe Markets Ltd
– Hampstead Worldwide Limited
– Hamtron Ltd
– Haussman Capital
– Hawk Trade
– HCI Fund
– Herrington Global
– Highfrequency
– HSB Group Ltd
– ICMarkets (Invest Capital Markets)
– Idelson Group
– Ikkotrader
– Insta-trading
– Inter Global Equity
– Invest-Binary
– IP International Service
– Ixitrade
– Jones Falls Securities
– Jones Shaw Capital Partners
– Justrader
– Kalahouse Limited
– KD Markets
– Kingsburg Inc Ltd
– Leeden Limited
– Legend Options
– Leston Ltd
– LIBServices ltd
– LiveTrader
– London Capital Group (cloned firm)
– Mascarene management
– Maya Company Ltd
– Mayfair Funds
– Mercuria Technologies LTD
– Mestoz Ltd
– Meta Capital Partners Ltd
– Metacapital option
– MIA 29 Ltd
– Moss Securities
– MPT Max
– MT Capital Partners
– Mutual Hope Ltd
– Myfair 23
– My Private Trade
– Nakitrade
– Neuberger and Co. Wealth Management
– Newcastle Distributors
– Next Binary
– Norikura-Global
– Norite Capital Ltd
– OBinary Corporation
– OBmarkets
– Opteck
– Option Bank
– Option Pros
– Optionavigator
– Option-Direct
– Optionsmarter
– OptionsXO
– Peredic Limited
– Peston & Sons Securities
– Plea (UK) Limited
– Prestige Banq
– Prime FMS
– Privilege Trading
– Pro-Binary
– Pro-Nice Ltd
– Pulchira View Trading
– Quantum Group Invest
– Redford Option
– Redington Limited
– Redlane LTD
– Redstart Navigator Ltd
– Ridgewood Securities
– Risk & Portfolio Management Ltd –
Royal Broker –
Royal de Bank –
S&B Seven Ltd – Saito
Mergers & Acquisitions
– Scottoption
– Seattle Mercantile Exchange
– Secure Invest
– Secure Soft Service Ltd
– Sep Society
– September Investments Limited
– Sequoia Markets
– Shaily Global Option Ltd
– SIA Europe Trade Services
– Sigma Capital Advisors
– Sisma Capital Ltd
– Skyoptions
– Soft Service Ltd
– Starbust Limited
– Taiwan Options and Futures Exchange
– Tareno (cloned firm)
– Technopers
– Telcom Services Ltd
– Time Binary
– TJB Trading
– Tradaxa
– Trade Invest Group
– trader 369
– Tradignition
– Trading Company
– Trading Corporation
– Trading Expertise
– Tradmaker
– Trebol Trading LLC
– Tricorp limited
– Triumph Option
– Ubinary
– United Global Trading
– Valuewell Assets Ltd
– Versailles Finances
– Wagner Bern (Matthew Goodman)
– Well Investments Ltd
– WhiteMiller Associates
– Williams Corporation Ltd
– Wiltshire Capital
– XFR Finance Ltd
– XFRoptions
– XP Markets
– YA&Co Capital limited
– YJ Concept
– Zeriten Limited

Exclusive partnership between Interactive Option and OGC Nice

The football club of <the OGC Nice (Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice Côte d’Azur) and the broker Interactive Option join forces thanks to the signature of an exclusive sports sponsorship contract. Interactive Option is the number one broker in France in online binary options trading, a broker appreciated by individual investors, particularly for the quality of training materials for novice traders. After having successfully conducted a communication campaign on the French television channels, M6, beIN SPORTS, LCI and BFM Business. Interactive Option is moving up a gear with the signing of an official partnership with the OGC Nice football club.

interactive partnership option and ogc nice

A historic sponsorship contract between broker number 1 and OGC Nice

This sponsorship contract was welcomed by the two managers of these entities, so Mr Michel Teman, CEO of Interactive Option, described this event as historic in the following terms: “For the first time we are investing in a Ligue 1 football club. These beginnings mark an important step in our communication strategy on the French market. While Mr Jean-Pierre Rivière, head of the OGC Nice football club (Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice Côte d’Azur), declared his satisfaction with the following statement: “We are delighted to have obtained the confidence of a new partner, who has seen OGC Nice as an attractive and ambitious club”.

An exceptional competition accessible to all

The official partnership signed between Interactive Option and OGC Nice will allow the broker to display his logo on the football jerseys of the Aiglons niçois, it will also allow him to decorate the Allianz Riviera, the football stadium of the Nice team with his colours. Last but not least, the organisation of a competition in the form of a draw. A competition in which new members and former users of the Interactive Option trading platform can participate. Indeed, every 15th and 10th of the month at 7pm, a draw will give the winner a VIP weekend in Nice in a 5-star hotel, transport included as well as 2 VIP box seats in the Allianz Riviera. Each 500 € deposit will entitle you to one entry in the draw for this contest open to all.

Forex and binary options: What are the differences?

Forex and binary options trading is a growing sector, especially with the emergence of Internet platforms that allow you to take positions easily and at a reduced cost. But what are the differences between these two products and which one to choose for your investment strategy?

Which underlying assets?

In forex, the underlying asset is, as its name suggests, generally a currency pair such as EUR/GBP or USD/JPY, so the price depends on the relative strength of the two currencies. Forex is a decentralized market in the main financial markets (London, New York, Tokyo), market participants (mainly banks) offer a purchase and sale price that they publish with financial information sources such as Reuters or Bloomberg for their clients, investment funds and large companies. These are the prices that are then reused by your forex broker to offer you a price to buy or sell. So there is no exchange where forex is centralized, which is why we call it the OTC (Over The Counter) market.

By extension, many forex brokers also offer you the opportunity to take a position on commodities (gold, oil, silver, etc.), equities (Total, Apple, Facebook, etc.) or indices (CAC 40, S&P500, Nasdaq, etc.). This is more generally referred to as Contract For Difference, often referred to as CFD. But if forex is so appreciated, it is thanks to the liquidity it offers and its quotation 24 hours a day, five days a week with the possibility of significant movements and therefore profits throughout the day and night.

Binary options do not have this original restriction in terms of available underlyings, you will be able to choose currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices on almost all platforms such as TopOption. They are also products exchanged by mutual agreement between you and your broker.

forex difference and binary options

What financial principles?

The principle of forex is the easiest to explain, let’s take a concrete case where you want to buy the EUR/USD pair, more precisely take a position of 1000 EUR while the rate is 1.33. You place an order with your broker who will sell for you 1330 USD and give you 1000 EUR. If the rate goes up to 1.34, you can then give the order to close your position and the broker will buy back 133 USD, which will only cost you 1330/1.34 = 992.5 EUR, so you keep 7.5 Euros which are your profit on this transaction.

But what makes forex so attractive is the leverage effect. Your broker can lend you money so that you can take more important positions than your capital would allow and thus multiply your gains (and possibly your losses). Let’s take the example of the above transaction with a leverage of 100:

  • Your broker lends you 133,300 USD.
  • Your broker sells 133,000 USD by buying 100,000 EUR for you.
  • The EUR/USD rate rises to 1.34, you give the order to close the position.
  • Your broker buys back 133,000 USD against 99,250 EUR and you keep the rest.
  • Your profit is therefore 750 EUR.

Your broker will block part of your funds during the transaction in case you lose money, this is called the initial margin. We took a leverage of 100 so the initial margin was EUR 1000 which became EUR 1750, i.e. a gain of 75% while the “Spot”, i.e. the gross price of the EUR/USD only moved by 0.75%, which is the full power of the leverage effect.

Be careful, the leverage is not without risks, if we had been in the wrong direction, the margin of 1000 EUR would have decreased to 250 EUR and you would have lost 75% of your initial investment. If your margin reaches 0 EUR, your broker will then close the position or ask you to add money to your margin, this is called a “margin call”, the fear of all traders. Finally, since you borrow Dollars from your broker, you will have to pay interest if you want to hold the position overnight, while you will receive interest on the Euros you lend to your broker.

euro usd

The principle of binary options is very different, a simple binary option has three key factors, its direction (call or put), its maturity (or expiration) and its strike (or opening price). When you buy a binary option, the strike is the spot, i.e. the current price of the underlying asset. So you still have the choice of maturity and direction.

When you buy a binary option, you invest a premium of your choice, unlike a share where you have to pay the share price for example. The payment you will receive at maturity is as follows:

  • For a call, if the price of the underlying asset is above the strike, the option expires in the currency, you earn the proposed profit (you recover your premium a profit)
  • For a call, if the price of the underlying asset is below the strike, the option expires out of the money, you lose your premium
  • For a put, if the price of the underlying asset is below the strike, the option expires out of the money, you earn the proposed profit (you recover your premium a profit)
  • For a put, if the price of the underlying asset is above the strike, the option expires in the currency, you lose your premium

If the binary option expires at exactly the same price as the strike, the option is said to expire in the currency and your payment will depend on the broker, some refund your premium, others consider the option a winner or loser.

There are other types of binary options with an on/off barrier (you are paid if the price reaches a threshold, or if it does not reach the limits). Some brokers also offer to resell your binary options before they mature, so you will usually earn a little less of the premium if you were in the currency at the time of sale and recover some money if you were out of the money.

binary option difference

What uses?

It is in the context of use that forex and binary options vary most, as you may have seen above, the profit system is completely different. Binary options give you the same gain if you end up in the currency of 0.5% or 10% while in forex your gains are proportional to the amplitude of the movement you predicted.

The path the underlying asset follows is very important in forex, if you think a pair will rise by the end of the month but it starts to fall sharply and abruptly, you could have a margin call from your broker. You don’t have this problem with binary options because only the final price will count, no matter how far out of the money your option was as long as it ends in the currency at expiration.

In the range of choices and variations available to you, it is mainly the types of orders that will allow you to develop your Forex strategy (limit, stop, follower stop, etc.) while it is the product itself that will be differentiated with binary options (call, put, 60 seconds, one touch, no touch, etc.)

What are the risks?

With binary options, the risk is limited to the invested premium, you can not lose more than what you initially put. The same applies to earnings, which are limited to the profit offered by your broker. With forex, gains and losses are unlimited, if your margin reaches zero during the day, your position will be cut off. The most dangerous phenomenon is the so-called gap, when a market opens on Monday much lower or much higher than it closed on Friday. Your margin can then become negative and your broker will claim the difference, which is why it is strongly discouraged to hold a position on weekends as it is impossible to leave it. To ensure your positions you can also copy the practices of the best traders on social trading platforms like eToro.

To conclude, these two instruments are used by hedge funds to take offensive or defensive positions depending on the expected scenarios, so it is difficult to say that one is better than the other, why not try both and see which one suits you best?

The 5 Scams of Binary Option Trading


Binary option trading sites in 2018 are no longer recommended at all, which is why MassLib informs you of this change and strongly advises you to use brokers other than those mentioned in this article, if you wish to trade shares or cryptomones. Below is a comparative table of the best brokers at the beginning of 2021. It’s up to you to play

The Top 5 of the Best Brokers in France

number 00e9ro 1eToro logo★★★★★★★★See Site (*)
number 00e9ro 2IqOption logo★★★★★★See Site
number 00e9ro 3BDSwiss logo★★★★★★See Site
number 00e9ro 4XTB logo★★★★★See Site
number 00e9ro 5AvaTrade logo★★★★See Site

Binary option trading offers a profit potential that is probably unparalleled in the world of finance and stock market investments. But it is necessary to keep your eyes open to protect yourself from scams. Scams are not intrinsically linked to binary options or robots, however powerful they may be, as in all sectors of activity, it is necessary to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff and that is the objective of this guide.

1 – Only communicate with regulated brokers


To protect yourself from scams, the first step is to trade ONLY on regulated brokers. We recommend the following 3 brokers with excellent customer service and fast withdrawals:

The regulatory authority will frequently monitor your broker’s level of professionalism. This is the assurance that your financial intermediary complies with a code of best practices and that the client’s interest is at the heart of its activity. Regulation also ensures the segregation of the company’s customer and equity funds. If your broker goes bankrupt, your money can then be returned to you in full.

number 00e9ro 1optionweb broker★★★★★★see the website
number 00e9ro 2anyoption logo small★★★★★★see the website
number 00e9ro 3bdswiss broker★★★★★★see the website

2 – Consult the terms and conditions

Cache and scam conditions bonus like a needle in a haystackWhile the terms and conditions are long and daunting, they are worth the cost of reading. First of all, they make it possible to check the seriousness of the broker (spelling, grammar, consistency of the text, etc.). They also identify some abusive conditions such as hidden fees or complicated withdrawal conditions. They also often contain methods for unlocking bonuses or promotions. In any case, we do not recommend accepting bonuses, but we do recommend the training offered by OptionWeb and AnyOption

3 – Learn from the experience of others

You are probably not the only one who wants to use the best binary options broker. What will make the difference is the positions you take at this broker. Check out the sites that specialize in binary option trading and user reviews, look for informed reviews that weigh the pros and cons. Be careful, some promotional sites only contain positive reviews written by the brokers themselves, while other traders are screaming at the scam when they simply have not managed their limits and positions properly. Collect information from several trusted sources to avoid bad moves and find the best broker. We offer you on our website reviews and tests on the best regulated brokers such as Optionweb, the best broker in France.

stop the scams

4 – Check the functioning of the bonus

Customer support version chat versionThe bonus is often an important asset that almost all binary option brokers offer you. You must understand that in order to obtain this attractive condition, there is a counterpart. You will often have to trade 10 to 50 times the amount of your initial deposit and bonus before you can release all or part of the funds invested on the platform. Read in detail the conditions for awarding and withdrawing the bonus to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you want your money back.

We advise you NEVER to accept bonuses

5 – Know who your contact person is

Don’t trust binary option site salespeople blindly from the beginning, you shouldn’t feel rushed to make a decision. If you are asked for your credit card number repeatedly, first ask to test a free account. Try to check that your broker has a physical address and offices (no PO Box) and call their support service to check that they really exist and that they are competent.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid the vast majority of scams that revolve around binary options. This advice is also valid for the vast majority of forex brokers and they should always be followed with a view to not having bad experiences.


Meditation trading in binary optionThere is no secret or easy money. Traders who manage to win in the long term have worked very hard and have been trained for years.

If you have a well-made head, read many books, attend training courses, webinars, books, podcasts.

That you actively participate in a trading community, that you are curious and that you have strong loins, then you should be able to be part of the small percentage of traders who earn in the long term.

If you think that trading is not for you then we advise you to play in demo mode and invest your money in a low-risk way, i.e. in your A passbook, in bonds, in company shares that will never go bankrupt (like CocaCola that made Warren Buffet’s fortune) or in real estate.

There are no big gains without big risks. Binary options and currency trading are very volatile and risky markets, where you can win or lose big. If you wish to trade the options we recommend the 3 brokers below 100% CySEC regulated and registered at the Regafi of the ACPR Banque de France.

24option, seniority and reputation, our test

Our review
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Trade Experience
  • Customer Service

In short

24option is an experienced and competent broker in the field of binary options. It is one of the largest brokers in the world and therefore benefits from strong financial strength and excellent customer service.

We particularly like its trading platform and its training for beginners

Access to Central Chart is a real pleasure for amateur traders.

24option has the financial power to offer many contests and bonuses. 24Option has always done this while providing a quality service which is rare in this sector.

24option enjoys an excellent rating thanks to its many services, excellent new training, webinars and one of the best rates of return on the market.

The online broker 24option is a reference among brokers specialized in binary options. It meets all the criteria to offer the optimal conditions to traders: an excellent platform, a wide choice of assets and many more…

Presentation of 24 options

24 options are owned by Rodeler Ltd, whose headquarters are located in Cyprus, 39 Kolonakiou street, Agios Athanasios. It is available on 24option.com, the minimum deposit required is 250 euros, with a starting position that must be at least 24 euros. To fund the account, three main options are available: credit card, electronic payment and bank transfer, it should be noted that the return can increase to more than 90% depending on the assets traded (the site offers more than 110). 24option is constantly developing its technology to optimize its traders’ experience. It should be noted that the latter now have the possibility to connect to the platform via a mobile station, whether a Smartphone or a tablet (no download was required but today the broker offers very good applications).

24option, a regulated broker

24option broker is among the first brokers in binary options. It is building a solid reputation thanks to its seriousness and the many advantages of its platform. The online broker initially obtains a licence from CySEC that allows him to legally offer his services in Europe because all regulators follow the same rules and the same financial directive (Mifid). 24 options are recognized by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) but it does not benefit from regulation by the French body. As a result, the broker can still legally operate with traders located in France and guarantee their safety, which you can find at the ACPR Banque de France, which will be your main contact for mediation. Rodeler Ltd being registered at Regafi, the broker can be called to report to the ACPR but also to individual traders

5 types of accounts

24option offers you 5 types of accounts that have their specificities. The more we increase the payment, the more services are unlocked to offer additional training content, news and signals but also better returns. The types of accounts are

  • Basic: 1st free withdrawal of the month, 24/7 customer service, a dynamic graph with strategy and figures to help you see the market management and Central Trading (a powerful market analysis tool. This account ensures a maximum return of 82%.
  • Silver: same as above trading alerts and a personal coach at your disposal. This account ensures a maximum return of 82%.
  • Gold: same as Silver sms and email alerts. An expert trader can accompany you directly during your trades and finally the yield here rises to 84%. This is the most popular offer with a good service/investment ratio.
  • Platinum: same as Gold one financial expertise session, unlimited access to Central Trading services and tools. Trading the many Forex pairs as a binary option and finally the possibility to set limits and stop to better control your exposure. The Platinum account has an 86% return.
  • Diamond: same as Platinum the possibility to have tickets to see the Juventus Turin team of which 24option is the partner (an offer also exists with Olympique Lyonnais). The Diamond account offers a return of 88%.

Returns on different accounts may vary. It is quite possible depending on the option chosen, that the return is lower or higher in relation to the risk of your position.

Many available assets

24option provides a wide range of assets. Traders have a choice between equities, currencies, indices and commodities, and regularly new assets are added to the old ones, which is particularly appreciated by traders who find their happiness thanks to the many opportunities available to them. The broker can already insure more than 120 assets, so you have a choice!

Deposit and Withdrawal 24Option

Deposit and withdrawal options are multiple and the minimum deposit is 250€ which is higher than OptionWeb (200€) and TopOption (100€) .To withdraw your funds you will need to have your current file with the following documents:

  • a copy of your identity card
  • a proof of residence

Once the 2 parts have been validated, the withdrawals are made within 48 hours

Trading on 24optionsOn

24options, several trading modes are possible. There is of course the High/Low or Haut/Bas which simply consists in determining if the value of a given asset will be higher or lower than the entry point and this, at the predetermined deadline. Then, we also find the Zone, the Short Term and the One Touch. A classic offer with no real innovation but the assurance of not being in unknown territory.On this platform, trading is simple. All useful information is easily accessible, from assets to graphs, deadlines and other essential data. Depending on the decision the trader wishes to make, he can easily switch between the available modes. As far as deadlines are concerned, they are very varied. You can choose between:

  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes and 1 hour

You can also cover the long term over a period of 1 week.24option also offers under conditions the Early Closing of your positions (you cannot use it within the first 5 minutes of your position and must be placed before the end of your expiration.

A complete training….

24option offers 3 levels of videos: beginner, intermediate and advanced. A monthly calendar of the broker’s webinars is available on his website. The plus of the webinars: registration is free. Even without being at 24option you will be able to attend the webinars


You can also download one ebook for free and read the second one online. More resources accessible free of charge by the broker (which is becoming rather rare). Of course you will benefit from much more content depending on the type of account you take…..

but also detailed information and forecasts.

One of the strengths of 24 options is found in its daily reports, analyses and strategies. Depending on your account you will have access to the broker’s trading signals. 24option also offers its economic calendar to follow major events.

And mobility as a bonus!

24option already offered a mobile trading experience but now it has the best tools to facilitate the trading experience on Android or IOS. You can find the broker’s trading applications in the Apple Store or Google Play. Whether you are on your phone or on a tablet, your positions can follow you everywhere.

Review 24Option: What masslib.net thinks about it!

24option is one of the most reliable brokers on the market due to its size and age. Sponsor of the Juventus and Olympique Lyonnais teams, it is the most financially solid binary option broker. It also offers many interesting contests and promotions to improve your performance. Segregation of accounts means that you can withdraw your winnings without conflict with the broker. 24option remains a quality broker with an excellent platform very pleasant to use and ideal for a beginner.

Why choose AnyOption? Answer in our test and review

Our review

In a nutshell

AnyOption may not be the best broker in terms of immediate profits but remains a sure bet for anyone who wants to trade binary options. With its announced yield, profit and return on loss you have complete transparency on the result of your trade.

We love all the tools offered but also those that are made available before the deadline. The small minus is its rather classic rate of return that prevents it from getting a better rating. Overall, AnyOption remains a trusted broker and one of the leading in the binary options market! He is to be placed among the challengers for his varied offer and creativity.

AnyOption allows you to have new experiences with binary options. You will also be able to observe the positions of other traders and maybe earn more by copying the best with its social trading system.

Our favorite Trading Platform

BrokerRatingLearn More
etoro logo
Our Opinion

One of the best binary option sites

Launched in 2008, AnyOption is one of the first brokers offering binary options for individuals. It is qualified as one of the best, thanks in particular to the wide range of assets it makes available to its clients. While the broker iOption offers 66 underlying shares, AnyOption offers 150 shares, plus nearly 30 indices, 16 Forex pairs, more than 50 shares and less than ten commodities. This wide choice makes it easier for traders to choose the assets to invest, depending on market trends. Depending on the type of option selected such as option or 0-100 binary have their own list of assets.

Several features accessibleAnyOption

owes its reputation even to the many options it offers to its traders. The latter have, among other things, the “take profit” tool, which allows them to receive the earnings directly before the expiry of the deadline. AnyOption’s “Options ” also offer the possibility to resell positions at any time, whether they are “in” or “out”. In the event that market developments do not work in their favour, investors can change their minds. They can also extend the expiration date of options using the renewal tool provided by AnyOption.

Profits up to 100%

On AnyOption, the minimum deposit is €200, with no welcome bonus offered. Traditional binary option trading can earn up to 80% of your investment, with a 25% return on loss. However, with the features offered on the site, it is possible to make very significant gains. The 0-100 option allows you to make a profit of up to 100% by focusing on a specific event. But as you know, the higher the return, the higher the risk of loss, if you start with the classic binary options first and then move on to 0-100 binary. It is only necessary to follow some assets both on the economic news and on the graphical representations of the prices. Don’t forget to apply analytical techniques to invest in the right assets at the right time.

The classic binary option

We find the classic offer in the binary option with the call/put. If you think the asset will rise within the time limit you put a call, if you think it will fall you put a put. AnyOption gives you the benefit of a return on loss in the event of bad trades. Thus for a profit of 55% you can achieve 25% return on loss while failure on a profit of 75% will only see 5% of the amount refunded.The classic binary option allows you to place a position from 25 euros for an average yield of 75%. Remember that even if the return seems lower on some options such as this one, you can still receive a partial refund.

It is a bit like scalping binary options with the ability to take a position and quickly resell it to AnyOption who will offer a price. The objective is to take a few euros right and left and finally end the day with a full scholarship.You can refuse the price and wait until you are in a better configuration by doing “Get a quote” while you are still in the official deadline. The

0-100 binaries

The 0-100 binaries options allow you to select an event that is in the form of an affirmation of the type :

  • The X option will end above the Y value at time Z.

If you buy and the asset ends up well above value in the right time frame, you can earn a more than attractive profit and up to 1000% (but in this case the risks are high).You can also decide to sell if you do not believe in the event. You earn a profit on the selling price, but in case of loss it is the difference between the price and 100 that is lost.

One touch

The One touch is quite common among brokers. Here the trader will determine whether or not the asset will receive a limit. During the delay, the option is validated if the course touches the level at least once. Here all the elements are known in advance by the trader, delays, profits or losses.This option is available on specific assets and only during weekends.

The long term

The long term option takes up the principle of the classic binary option with the difference that here you will let your assets run for several weeks and even up to a year! This option can reach 380 and more rarely 1000% for profits

Bitcoin, the of the long term:

The long term option gives the opportunity to process the digital currency Bitcoin as a pair with the USD

AnyOption Bubbles

A new way to trade binary options appears at AnyOption. Bubbles is a graphical representation of the price evolution on which you will be able to place a bubble that will define your position. If the price curve touches the bubble you win the position. On the other hand, you lose if you have not reached your goal.By placing the bubble corresponding to your position, you can define its size and thus play on the percentage of risk and therefore see the profit increase or decrease according to your strategy. AnyOption Bubbles is more graphic and more fun. We must not forget that this is about money and that there is no question of betting blindly. Accompany your decisions with good money management because the Bubbles option can quickly become addictive.

A significant return on loss and variable profitsThe

return on loss will not totally replace the amount lost but it is in the interest of existing. Not all of them offer to benefit from a return on loss for trades. It is here that AnyOption offers us a little something extra when things are not going in the right direction. You can also change your profit on a classic binary option by changing the profit percentage. So you can choose to take more or less risk.

AnyOption Live

The Live data of AnyOption provides you with trading information from other traders. This is actually a copy trading solution for binary options. You will also be able to consult information on the trading trends of an asset at AnyOption. Expiry information is also available through Reuters’ service, which provides real-time asset quotes on the markets.

The Take Profit

AnyOption can offer you during a trade the take profit. The broker allows you to lock the result and receive the proposed premium before maturity. The Take Profit can appear 15 minutes before the end of the expiry date and for a period of 5 minutes.

Roll Forward

Like Take Profit, you can change the layout of your position here by postponing the expiry date of your asset to a shorter term. The system is similar to Take Profit, depending on the asset you will be notified within 15 minutes before the expiry of the possibility to use Roll Forward.

Bonus conditions

As you know, the bonus is the promotional point put forward by brokers to seduce but in some cases it is better to refuse it. With AnyOption you must use your bonus within 3 months, after that it is withdrawn from your account. Regarding the withdrawal you will need to have traded at least 15 times the amount of the profit. I’ll let you judge this offer, which is not the worst either. If you are a beginner, refuse the bonus!

Deposits and withdrawals

There are many solutions for deposits and withdrawals. So in both cases you can either use:

  • a credit card
  • a bank transfer
  • Skrill for the deposit

You can of course register for free on AnyOption and deposit your money later. The withdrawal must be at least equal to the minimum amount paid in your country. If this is not the case, AnyOption will apply additional fees

Ideal for beginner traders

no download required. The platform has been developed to accommodate traders of all levels. Even novices can get started. AnyOption also offers training for those new to binary option trading.Various eBooks and videos are available. You will discover the basics of binary options and then advanced courses. Concerning the different options, AnyOption also offers video tutorials. Experts also remain at the disposal of clients to guide them in their investment. Finally, AnyOption offers a blog that deciphers the movements of assets day after day and also provides you with economic news and other useful information for your fundamental analysis. AnyOption’s Great Plus

Demo account

is to offer you its demo platform to introduce you to its tools. This demo account is available after registration and without deposit. This platform is ideal for a beginner who wants to familiarize himself with online trading of binary options.

Mobile trading

AnyOption needed to have its mobile trading solution with its applications for Android or IOS. Whether you are on a smartphone or tablet, you can access your assets from anywhere. He was one of the first to offer this service. According to the broker, 40% of its traders regularly use mobile trading

A regulated brokerAnyOption

was launched in 2008 and complies with the rules imposed by the FSA (UK) and CySEC. Since 2013, the platform has also been officially recognised by the AMF (registered with Regafi) and the Banque de France, which is a strong indication of its seriousness. AnyOption’s headquarters are located in Cyprus. If you want to know more about binary option traders, find our test on OptionWeb

Our test and review on OptionTime

A recognized broker in EuropeProposing

its services since 2013, OptimeTime is an online broker that is officially recognized in Europe. This binary options broker is owned by Safecap, a world-class financial institution that complies with the regulations imposed by the authorities, in accordance with the MiFID Directive, and is also regulated by the FCA and CySEC. The Banque de France recognizes OptionTime as a legal broker. Ultimately, traders benefit from a high level of security on the portal with regard to transactions.

An OptionTime financial guarantee

has the advantage of offering excellent security of funds. These are, in fact, stored with a third party institution in order to avoid any risk of confusion with the broker’s own holdings. The broker also offers financial coverage of up to €20,000 to traders and all transactions on the site are secured through the adoption of encrypted communication, which protects all investors’ personal data. The minimum deposit on the portal is €200 and the minimum trade is €10. The maximum profit estimate is 85% in traditional trading, with a 60% return on loss. OptionTime also offers a welcome bonus of up to €2,500 to subscribers

see the OptionTime website

An unlimited and personalized guide Throughout

their trades, investors benefit from the assistance of OptionTime. A team of experts offers advice and guidance at all times, as requested by traders. They can find tips to maximize their chances. The most novices, on the other hand, can register directly for the apprenticeship courses provided by the broker.

Many assets available

Another plus of OptionTime is the wide choice of underlying assets it offers to traders. The platform has 180 assets to trade in binary options, including forex (i.e. currency pairs), equities, indices and commodities. To choose the right asset at the right time, traders can refer to the market news and analysis charts presented on the site.

Advanced trading toolsBut

apart from the security and assistance it offers, OptionTime also suggests various other beneficial tools for traders. The broker provides them with various trading options.

  • Speed Trading allows you to focus on a very short expiry time, ranging from 30 to 120 seconds.
  • With One Touch options, which trade on weekends, investors can also increase their earnings by up to 500%.
  • The Pro Master allows you to create your own financial analysis on the platform. These tools are easy to use, but in case of doubt, it is always possible to ask OptionTime’s experts.

To conclude, we can say that OptionTime is a broker who stands out for his choice of assets despite his young age, few defects except for the bonuses that remain traps in the long term. We have seen that customer service gives us good advice without pushing us to invest what we have appreciated, remember, if a financial advisor calls you to invest, take the time to think and don’t feel pressured to do so if you have any doubts. Apart from these points that you can completely ignore for your online trading, OptionTime is one of the best platforms on the market

see the OptionTime website

To discover more brokers, read our test on the market leader OptionWeb.

Broker Interactive Option Review and Test

Our favorite Trading Platform

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Our Opinion

Interactive Option was the regulated French leader in the binary options market. After the one-month suspension of the Interactive Option CySEC license, we recommend the OptionWeb broker, which definitely becomes the best binary option offer.

[/message]Popular with novice traders, but just as well suited to advanced investors, Interactive Option is a leading broker in binary options. Owned by Pegase Capital Limited, this online broker was launched in 2013 and has been expanding into the trading market ever since. Today, it is qualified as one of the leaders in the field, not only because of its seriousness, but also because of the interesting offers it offers. The details…

A famous broker on the marketWhen

he was only 2 years old, quickly established itself as the leader on the binary options market in Europe. The broker’s name is regularly mentioned on the web, but also on the main French TV channels such as M6, Beln Sport, BFM, or Canal . For the 2015-2016 season, the broker is also the official sponsor of the famous Ligue 1 club, OGC Nice.Benarfa interactive optionThe company does not hesitate to invest in marketing and, on the regulatory side, it is not to be outdone either. The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and the ACPR Banque de France recognise this online broker, which also holds a licence from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and Interactive Option complies with the European Directive on the market in MiFID financial instruments. Due to the quality of its services, the broker has also been rewarded several times. For 3 consecutive years, he was awarded the “Best Binary Option Trading Solution” prize by the EGR.

A wide range of options

Interactive Option assets offer several possibilities to traders. Already at the time of , future members of the portal can choose between different types of accounts. The minimum deposits range from €250 to €25,000 depending on whether it is a classic account, a Blue, Gold, Platinum or VIP account, the benefits offered depend on the type of account subscribed, but generally speaking, all investors have sufficient choice on the platform. In particular for the Blue account, the trader has 50 assets to trade, 70 for the Gold account and around 100 assets for the Platinum account.Interactive notification optionThese underlying products include market essentials, including Forex currency pairs, global corporate equities, commodities, as well as stock market indices. Traders can trade with the traditional High/Low of the binary exchange or choose other variants to increase their chance of winning. Interactive Option allows you to use the Scale and One Touch option, which can provide substantial returns, and traders also have the choice between short and long-term investments, with maturities ranging from 30 seconds to more than a month.

Trades from €5

If the first minimum deposit on the site is €250, Interactive Option does not require the same in terms of trading. The minimum position opening on the gate is only €5. This is particularly pleasing to beginners who do not want to take big risks. When the trader’s estimate is correct, he can pocket profits up to 90% of his initial bet. In the event of a loss, Interactive Option also allows for a certain return, up to 10%. The volume of the possible return is indicated from the beginning, displayed in the “Protection Rate”.Interactive Option is also available on mobile phonesIt should be noted, however, that both the earning potential and the redemption offers are different depending on the type of account held by the trader. Especially for the Blue account, the maximum profit is 75% in traditional binary options. Other types of options such as Scale and One Touch, however, allow for more significant gains. The Scale is particularly popular for its profit rate of up to 1,200%

Complete trading supportAlthough

Interactive Option does not offer a demo account, novice traders have access to complete guides on the portal.

A trading academyThe

broker has a trading school specialized in binary options. the courses are divided into several modules to suit all levels. Novices can learn the basics of the binary exchange, while more advanced traders can discover the winning strategies. These trading training courses are delivered directly online and are provided via e-books and webinars. All Interactive Option members have free access to it and, for VIP account holders, it is possible to follow more specific training.interactive option trading academy option

News and analysisSince

stock market speculation requires great reactivity, Interactive Option also makes various information available to traders. In particular, they can follow market news directly on the portal. Expert analysis is also shared on the site to facilitate investor decision-making, and an economic calendar, trading signals and weekly trading advice are also provided to platform members. These tools not only facilitate technical analysis, but also ensure that no investment opportunities are missed, depending on asset fluctuations.

A support serviceIn

addition to these various documents, Interactive Option members also benefit from real-time support . The broker has an instant messaging system, which allows you to chat with customer service directly online. The support team is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, by email, phone and chat. In case of any problem or doubt, she can help each member of the site

Secure transactionsIn

terms of transactions, Interactive Option is itself subject to strict regulations. As a regulated broker, the broker is required to comply with market directives. This way, investors on the portal can be reassured about the protection of their data, as well as their money. All transactions are carried out by Safecharge and, as an added bonus, an SSL encryption system secures all information circulating on the site. Interactive Option also invests its clients’ funds in segregated accounts to ensure their creditworthiness. several payment methods are available on the portal, including credit cards, transfers and online payment solutions. Transactions are free for cards, while a fee of €25 is charged for withdrawals by bank transfer. Interactive Option allows you to withdraw money from as little as €50. For deposits, the limits applied depend on the payment method used, but in particular there is no limit for bank transfers.

A look back at the rewards earned by the broker

The prize for the best customer relationship on online binary option trading sites was awarded to Interactive Option. This award recognizes the efforts of this regulated broker who has built his reputation on the quality of his trading platform, the diversity of assets offered, and the availability and responsiveness of his customer service. Providing a customer relationship that borders on perfection is a challenge that all companies must now face with brio, under penalty of being sanctioned by users who now use the Internet and its social networks to express their dissatisfaction. The entire team managing the Interactive Option customer relationship is totally dedicated to its business, a rapidly changing profession, overwhelmed by the emergence of new means of communication, so that the broker’s customer advisors can be reached not only by e-mail or telephone, but also by live chat.

The financial expert and client advisor, loyal partners to guide you

Financial experts and client advisors are dedicated in their task, so that users can speculate calmly, in a secure and reliable environment. Disclosure is a key factor in speculation in the various financial markets and users can rely on Interactive Option’s client advisors to provide them with the information they are looking for quickly. This broker’s high level of customer service satisfaction is due not only to the fact that it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but also to the fact that it is made up of customer relations professionals, for both functional and commercial aspects, that users can meet. Finally, the educational team is always attentive to the training needs of novice investors, in order to provide them with an ever-improving program, with trading training videos or during live videoconferences.

A customer relationship that is always available, multilingual and responsiveThe

broker Interactive Option to serve its clients under the best possible conditions, has chosen several customer service platforms, depending on the call number. Thus, each country can have a contact person who speaks his or her native language perfectly, in order to facilitate exchanges and improve the correct response rate. Reactivity is not an empty word with this broker, which is why the user is quickly directed to the person most likely to provide clear answers to his questions.

TV advertising and sponsorship of football teams

Interactive option is not the leader in France for nothing, they have invested massively in a TV advertising campaign as well as in sponsorship of football teams like the OGC Nice!

A no dealing desk broker

Finally, another essential point to notify you is the fact that Interactive Option is a no dealing desk broker. This means that unlike its competitors, it does not play against you, which avoids conflicts of interest between the broker and the trader. So you are really assured that you won’t have to deal with any unpleasant surprises! This point has been understood by many traders and is what makes Interactive Option so successful Discover our review on the broker 24Option

OnlyOption: a new broker regulated by the AMF

OnlyOption is a brand new brand owned by the Markets group. This broker, which should be operational by the end of January 2015, will have the necessary approvals to offer its services to French traders. They will undoubtedly have a choice of several assets and will be able to call on experienced advisors to optimize their trading experience.

Only Option, a regulated broker

Customer support only option contactOnlyOption is a broker that traders can trust with confidence. This online broker has all the necessary approvals to operate in the field of binary options in France. It will thus be approved by CYSEC and the AMF while being duly regulated by the Banque de France (BDF). By choosing this online broker, you can be sure to trade on a reliable platform that offers quality services. You can be confident about the security of your various transactions (deposits and withdrawals).

Assets to be traded on OnlyOption

Positioning itself as a quality broker, OnlyOption will present the advantages. First, several assets can be traded on its platform. Traders will be able to make their choices according to their strategies. The main assets are represented with this broker, in this case currencies, commodities, stock market indices and equities. Reference assets will be available such as gold and oil or the shares of major companies such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.

How to get started on OnlyOption?

On OnlyOption as at another broker such as 24Option or AnyOption, the registration procedures are essentially the same. The first step is to register on the site. In just a few minutes, the trader obtains an account. He will then have to provide precise information. Then, he will have to fund his account with a minimum of 250 euros before he can start trading.
Note that the trader has the choice between several payment methods. Depending on your habits and preferences, you may make a deposit using a bank transfer, e-wallet or credit card.

A quality trading platform

Onlyoption mobil app ios and androidIn addition to its reliability, OnlyOption offers a quality trading platform. From the first seconds of connection, the trader notices the difference. It is, in fact, hosted on an ergonomic interface. This first impression is confirmed by browsing the site: the handling is easy. Trading is then carried out on a beautiful platform. Please note that no downloads are required to engage in speculation. With a few clicks, the trader selects his investment options (amount, position…). Thereafter, orders are executed quickly. And to optimize his transactions, the trader can carry out analyses using specific tools and graphs.

OnlyOption is the new brand of the Markets group, one of the world’s largest Forex brokers. It will offer a binary option trading platform for experienced traders. If you wish to have more details on OnlyOption you can consult the OptionBinary.biz website which is the first website to have announced the release of this new broker.

What does OnlyOption offer?

OnlyOption should not offer any major new features other than the very attractive first deposit bonus for traders with large capital. Only Option should offer many assets available for trading as:

  • The gold
  • The oil
  • Facebook actions
  • Twitter actions
  • Alibaba shares
  • The CAC 40
  • The euro-dollar
  • The copper
  • The rice
  • The wheat
  • Google actions

In short, on OnlyOption the return should be better than on AnyOption or OptionWeb. Customer support should be as good as Markets.com’s and training should be among the best in the binary option broker market.

The review of masslib.net

This new high-end broker from the Markets group will certainly be a hit in France and out of the shadows at the French leader OptionWeb, TopOption and OptionTime

Stock market, Forex and Binary Option: what are the differences and commonalities?

Stock market, Forex and Binary Option, all these terms seem technical but it is necessary to learn to differentiate them since there may be similarities a priori but this has nothing to do with it.

For the 3 markets, these are platforms where asset swaps are carried out to hope for gains.

First of all, let’s define the 3 terms to make sure that everything is well defined.

Definition of the 3 financial markets

The Stock Exchange

It is an institution, private or public, that makes it possible to exchange standardized goods or assets and thus set their price. We will speak here of stock exchanges, these are exchanges where company securities are traded (as opposed to commercial exchanges where it is commodities that are traded).

The primary role of the exchange is to finance companies. It is also an investment place where securities are traded.

The 3 largest (or 3 best-known) stock exchanges in the world are:

  1. Euronext Paris, Europe
  2. London Stock Exchange
  3. New York Stock Exchange

The Forex

The word “Forex” comes from the contraction of the English term Foreign Exchange.

Forex is the foreign exchange market on which so-called convertible currencies (Euro, Dollar, etc.) are traded against each other at exchange rates that change over time. Trading in the Forex market consists of combining two different currencies, the euro and the dollar being the most traded currencies. The purpose of the speculator is therefore to trade his euros for dollars in order to make profits.

Binary Options

As indicated in the article about binary options,

The binary option is a means of trading that is based on the rise (call) or fall (put) of a product’s price such as a stock or currency over a specified period.
It is called binary because only two outcomes are possible:

  • or the option ends favourably “in the money” and you receive the fixed amount that depends on the initial investment,
  • or the option ends unfavourably and you lose your entire investment.

What are the differences or similarities between Forex, Stock Exchange and Binary Options?

The Stock Exchange is a highly regulated market. Forex and Binary Options are 2 very trendy investments that have attracted many neophytes since they are very easy to understand. At the same time, unscrupulous brokers wanting to recover a lot of money from investors.

Binary options offer investors the opportunity to speculate on a wide range of financial assets (including currencies), unlike Forex, which is only interested in currencies.

In the stock market, assets are highly diversified, ranging from commodities to corporate equities. In Forex, we only speculate on international currencies.
When investing in the currency market, the quotation is done in pairs, it is a question of predicting the rise or fall of one currency against another. On the stock exchange, transactions concern unit assets listed according to supply and demand.

Forex and Binary Options are continuously opened via the web allowing the trader to invest in everything. This is different for the Stock Exchange where orders can be placed via the bank or the Internet but at defined time slots depending on the Exchange.
In France, the pre-opening of the market takes place from 7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. where buy and sell orders accumulate in the central computer managing the orders of the betting exchange. The latter calculates the opening price. The market opens from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm where supply and demand are directly compared on the market to determine the price of the shares. Finally, from 5:30 pm to 5:35 pm, the closing price is calculated.