Autochartist, should we rely on this tool?

Autochartist is a tool specially designed to automate technical analysis, which is essential in the trading world. It is intended for brokers, but also for financial institutions. It has been in operation for 10 years now and offers a proven technology. The question is whether to rely on this tool…

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Which time frame to choose to trade Forex and CFDs?

The time frame is the unit of time from which the trader must study the trend and perform a technical analysis. This unit of time plays an essential role in establishing a good trading strategy. Especially in Forex and CFDs, it is essential to choose the right time frame before opening an investment, thus optimizing the chances of success. Discover how to proceed properly..

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Which tax regime for proprietary trading?

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Own-account trading consists in speculating on the financial markets on your own behalf and not on behalf of others. To carry out such an activity on a regular basis implies respecting some legal constraints. In particular, it is essential to have the status of a company which is subject to specific taxation.

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What is a margin call?

The margin call is an indicator that allows a trader to know that he has reached his maximum limit in terms of loss. Note that the alert is usually issued by the broker. At that precise moment, the trader is invited to make a payment within a specific time limit in order to ensure that the position he has previously taken can be hedged. If necessary, it must be closed and the loss in question compensated… Focus on the specificities of the margin call, its operation, its interest and its advantages

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The specificities of an ECN broker

To be able to start trading online, the first step is to choose a broker and register with them. Before proceeding with the various formalities, it is important to know the different types of existing platforms, knowing that each operator can adopt a specific business model. Today, discover the specificities of an ECN broker and its advantages

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Broker please, what is it about?

Trading is an activity that attracts the attention of a growing number of investors. Now, professionals and individuals are embarking on this successful activity. To be able to “trade”, it is necessary to register with an online broker, knowing that many of them offer their services in this sector. In addition to ensuring that the broker you are about to reach is trustworthy, you also need to know the category in which the broker is placed. One can turn to an STP broker, also known as a “pure broker”

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MetaTrader4 VS ProRealTime the match of Forex platforms

Our favorite Trading Platform

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Both MetaTrader 4 and ProRealTime are references in the field of trading. These online trading platforms are particularly popular with expert traders who want to use reliable and functional tools for their transactions. But if we had to choose, who would be the best: MT4 or ProRealTime? Answers through this comparison

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