Cerium: All you need to know about this rare earth

Cerium belongs to the category of rare earths, including metals with similar characteristics. It is thus in the same class as yttrium, scandium or lanthanides. Although described as “rare”, Cerium has an abundance of 48 ppm. This is an asset that can be traded on the stock exchange. Then discover everything you need to know about this rare earth

Cerium, a rare earth

Classified as a rare earth (or more precisely a rare stone oxide), Cerium is in fact a metal, more precisely a lanthanide, with a grey colour. And we should not rely on the term “rare” since this material is abundant on earth, at least in relation to copper and silver.

ceriummetalCerium is obtained in various ways, extracted from minerals such as bastnaesite and monazyde. This is referred to as Separate Cerium and Non-Separate Cerium respectively.

The use of this metal dates back to the end of the 19th century, during which time it was integrated into cotton sleeves for gas lamps. Later, Cerium was used to create lighter stones, but also to polish glasses. Today, it is also used in the manufacture of exhaust pipes. Finally, it should be noted that this rare earth is luminescent, which means that it is exploited for the manufacture of luminophore envelopes.

The Cerium market

Today, China is at the top of the list of the largest producers of Cerium. It also supplies about 97% of the world’s rare earth oxides. The country caused a real upheaval in 2011 by reducing its exports in its field by more than 70%. This has resulted in a sharp increase in prices for rare earth oxides.

Today, it is quite possible to speculate on rare earths, including Cerium. Nevertheless, it is a rather confidential market, which makes speculation quite complicated.

For those interested in this type of asset, there remains the solution of trackers or ETFs, these financial instruments reproducing the movements of a stock market index in real time. It is also necessary to mention the dedicated investment fund in these metals.

The most audacious and those with the means can physically acquire rare earths, particularly by turning to Global Metal Broker. Finally, to be able to keep an eye on how the market is evolving, the trader can use the MMI rare earth index. Finally, know that you can trade classic precious metals such as gold or silver through your forex broker.