Final closing for OptionTime

November 19, 2015 marks the end of OptionTime’s epic journey into the world of online trading. On that day, the online broker, one of France’s leading operators, closed its doors. This broker, considered trustworthy by users and possessing the necessary regulations to operate on the European market, has informed its clients that their capital will be fully repaid..

A brief review of OptionTime’s history

The OptionTime adventure begins in 2013 (you can find our test here). From the beginning, its objective was to break into the French market. The operator then distinguished itself by its quality technology and its most valuable services. Nevertheless, it remained in the shadow of its cousin TopOption, an online broker powered by the same group, in this case Playtech. These two brokers also use the same technology that is among the best of the moment, in this case Keystone. Despite the good reputation OptionTime has inherited over its two years of existence, the Playtech group has chosen to focus on a single brand, TopOption. The aim here is to further improve the services offered and to satisfy customers as much as possible.

option time closure

TopOption will honour OptionTime

Let’s face it, OptionTime is not closing its doors because it was a bad broker. Far from it. Instead, he ducked out to make way for his older brother “TopOption”, who was always a step higher during their “coexistence”. Both brokers are, in any case, known for their services, technology and customer support to which there is really nothing to complain. Today TopOption inherits OptionTime’s expertise and will only become even better. To optimize its activity, this broker will integrate all the best aspects of its counterpart.

As a reminder, TopOpion is a broker that has been operational since 2011. Since then, he has built a solid reputation in his industry, attracting a growing number of traders. Justifying the regulations essential to offer its services in France, this operator also stands out for its offers and conditions. To be able to trade online with TopOption, you only need a minimum deposit of 100 euros that you can make by following this link (this deposit is usually at least 200 euros with most other operators).