Dependency on online trading, how to get out?

Online trading is undoubtedly a particularly exciting activity, which can be very addictive for some people. They can no longer do without it and spend most of their time on trading platforms. How to fight against this addiction?

When addiction is on the lookout

The signs of dependence on online trading are quite easy to recognize. While the current trade is not yet finalized, you are already thinking about the next one. You are constantly overexcited and only live for the time you spend on trading platforms. You only talk about it, you dream about it and as soon as you wake up, you only think about trading. And that you have a lot of trouble disconnecting every time. Moreover, you never resist the temptation to check how your operations evolve… What solutions should you adopt then?

Tackling online trading addiction: some tips

If you have realized that you may be dependent on online trading, you need to take action quickly. Ideally, you should take a break from trading platforms for a while. If this is not possible, you must make changes to your habits. First of all, you must avoid at all costs deadlines that are too short, less than one hour. In this case, the courts are very volatile and it is easy to make mistakes. The risks of overtrading are also very high: you place too many orders.


As online trading becomes a real drug, we must learn to adopt a more responsible attitude. If it is impossible to stop this activity, it is essential to follow a well thought-out trading plan and stick to it. Money management must be very strict and it is essential to adopt a rigorous strategy. And having a trading log is highly recommended to keep track of all movements made on the platforms.

Finally, it is useless or even totally inadvisable to constantly put pressure on yourself and hope to win the jackpot every time. When money becomes a trader’s main motivation, it is even easier to fall into addiction. And every trading session becomes “dangerous”. Trading must not become the centre of your life, the factor that brings you happiness and hope. From that moment on, you are governed by your emotions, and you make most of your decisions on impulses. However, you must act without emotion and pressure to have a chance of success.

In the end, it is essential to always keep your feet on the ground and to know how to remain in control of your emotions. In the event of overflows, it is better to take a break and never let events overtake you.