Discover social trading with Zulu trade from Banc De Binary

The binary options market has experienced a real boom in recent years. We are witnessing the emergence of online brokers who compete in ingenuity to offer traders an optimal trading experience. In this category, we find Banc de Binary, a leading broker that offers its clients the opportunity to experience “social trading” through its “Zulu Trade” tool. How does it work?

Social trading with Binary Bench De Binary

With Banc De Binary, trading takes on a whole new dimension. Speculations take place in an atmosphere that is both more friendly and more fun thanks to a specific service set up by the broker. This is Zulu Trade, a tool that makes the trading experience easier.

Banc De Binary‘s clients are then introduced to social trading, an innovative and quite new service. Traders then discover a particularly useful tool that is very practical. The principle is quite simple. Zulu Trade offers traders the opportunity to follow the world’s best investors speculating brilliantly.

It is thus possible for them to analyze the strategies of these virtuosos and to use them to improve their own performances. This is particularly interesting for beginners who can optimize their chances of succeeding in their investments, just by observing the best.

zulutrade social trading platform

How Zulu Trade works

zuluguardToday, Zulu Trade can boast of being at the top of the social trading list alongside the eToro broker. As far as its operation is concerned, it is based on a specific algorithm that analyses performance. More precisely, it is Zulu Rank which offers a ranking of the best traders (based in 192 countries).

Interested investors can then locate these trading masters and track how they are trading successfully. It should be noted that Zulu Trade has provided Zulu Guard, which is nothing more than a tool dedicated to risk management. This allows the funds to be protected while monitoring the movements of traders and intervening automatically in the event of a radical change in its own strategy.

In practice, this means

In concrete terms, each trader has the possibility to follow the traders who interest him through the Zulu Rank tool. It should be noted that this observation can be made 24 hours a day. He can then select the best ones whose strategies he wants to “copy”.

It should be noted that it is possible to customize certain criteria according to everyone’s preferences and objectives. It is therefore possible to set up certain elements such as the following: signal amount, signal limit, opening limit..

To discover this particularly interesting service, simply register for free on Banc De Binary.