Discover FXCM’s immersion days

A true reference in the trading sector, FXCM is a broker who is constantly seeking quality for its clients. Traders who are registered with this broker benefit in particular from almost complete resources within the framework of their trade. This broker, who claims more than 175,000 active accounts, offers them immersion days, among other things. On-the-job training that allows you to meet professionals directly. Discover

A day of practical training

Because to become a great trader, you must never stop learning, FXCM offers its clients the opportunity to train directly on its premises. The broker, with his professional DailyFX blog, opens its doors for days of total immersion in the world of trading. These days propose direct meetings with DailyFX analysts, as well as FXCM advisors, who will already have prepared various topics to be discussed. These days allow you to learn trading techniques in a concrete way and to ask your questions directly. These are real opportunities for exchanges with trading experts, but also great opportunities for traders to meet each other.

It should be noted that traders of all levels can access these immersion days and, moreover, it is the ideal time to establish contacts within the trading community in France. The training is available free of charge to all new FXCM members, although this type of training day is worth 690 euros. After this unique training program, traders will inevitably get away with valuable luggage.

immersion day

A full program

A day of immersion at FXCM includes a detailed program. The day starts at 8:45 am and begins with a general presentation of the broker’s services and tools. During this first part, which lasts about 1 hour, traders can also ask questions directly to the trader. This is followed by the treatment of different themes such as the use of technical indicators, chartist analysis, or the interpretation of graphs. It also discusses the functioning of financial markets and reference instruments such as stock market indices, Forex and commodities.

Fundamental and technical analysis are also covered, depending on current trading news. And then, after lunch, FXCM experts will discuss other in-depth topics such as the application of a trading plan, money management, trading psychology, as well as advanced technical analysis. The day will end with the scope of monetary policy and the involvement of central banks, among others. Normally, the immersion day should end at 6pm, with a one-hour break only in the middle of the day. FXCM apparently prides itself on not wasting any valuable time and providing as much information as possible in a single day.

Other training offered by FXCM

Accessible free of charge to all those who open an account with FXCM, immersion days are not the only training offered by the broker. Those who cannot come to 35 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt in Paris can perfectly stay at home and train anyway. On the broker’s website, we find, indeed, very complete training courses.

Live webinars are regularly broadcast on the site, as well as tutorial videos on trading, accessible even for beginners. It should also be remembered that the DailyFX blog provides real-time information on market changes, trading opportunities, as well as the latest techniques to know, among others. Thus, there is virtually no risk that traders will lack resources.