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Every self-respecting trader must follow the economic and stock market news in real time. It is the information gathered that ensures that no opportunity is missed and that effective strategies are developed. But how can you keep up to date with the latest financial news at all times? Here are our tips

Subscribe to financial news sites

Of course, the Internet remains the best place to follow the economic and stock market news. And moreover, many websites specialize in this field in order to meet the needs of stakeholders. Among the economic news portals, we can mention in particular the Finance and Economics branch of :


Sites such as or also pride themselves on providing the latest news on the global economy.


As for stock market movements, many portals also offer their services in this field.

The economic calendar proposed by:

  • makes it possible to monitor market developments in real time.

The famous website also provides comprehensive information on the world of the stock market and its backgrounds.

As an added bonus, these professional sites also offer expert analysis and various documentation to help traders in their decision-making. To ensure that they do not miss any changes in the sector, they can subscribe directly to these sites and receive news in real time. Most of these portals offer newsletter options.

Use brokers’ tools

Instead of connecting to a specialized site, traders can also follow the economic and stock market news directly from their broker. Indeed, professional online brokers now offer comprehensive services to make it easier for their clients. Thus, it is possible to receive the latest news on the market in real time, not only via the subscription system, but also and especially via the alert tools designed by these brokers. Thanks to these applications, which are now available on mobiles, traders are warned of any changes that may impact their trades, but also of any investment opportunities that may arise.

On their website, these online brokers also publish up-to-date economic calendars (as you can see on the visual above concerning OptionWeb), technical analyses, as well as various tips to succeed in stock market speculation. As a bonus, most operators organize regular seminars to share the latest techniques that have won the stock market. Of course, access to these supports depends only on the conditions applied by the broker. Some privileges are only available to premium members, while others are available to all members and non-members of the portal. If access is restricted, it is therefore sufficient to connect to other sites to follow the news.