eToro CopyPortfolio: How to invest your money with confidence

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eToro is one of the leading online brokers, and this is due to the quality of its service! With its highly secure and intuitive interface, it will deliver an unparalleled trading experience. The platform is designed for both experts and novices. No need to look any further, you have found the platform that will support you to maximize your daily earnings.

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CopyPortfolios are investment tools that group together different financial assets. These same assets are selected according to a specific and predetermined strategy. Thus, investment managers are free to create CopyPortfolios on eToro (full test & advice) with a view to achieving gains in assets under management.

eToro CopyPortfolio: A Next-Generation Investment Product

EToro offers two types of CopyPortfolios, one of the aims of which will be to enable investors to reduce long-term risks and diversify their investments. The first category is composed of Market Portfolios comprising CFD shares, ETFs and commodities. The second one brings together the Top Trader Portfolios, in other words the most successful traders on eToro. It should be noted that a Top Trader CopyPortofolio is based on a portfolio of traders exclusively while the Market CopyPortfolio contains only financial assets and no trader. It is essential to understand this distinction to configure your CopyPortfolio in accordance with your investment projects.

To get started today and create your own CopyPortfolio on eToro, it’s easy. All you have to do is first select the CopyPortfolio that best matches your investment strategy. After entering the amount to invest, it will be necessary to simply click on the “invest” button to have your own portfolio. As soon as its CopyPortfolio is created, the capital thus invested is managed by the eToro Investment Committee. In fact, each CopyPortfolio is subject to permanent analysis and systematic rebalancing with a view to optimizing profits.

By offering the opportunity to create its own CopyPortfolios, eToro allows its members to invest in the same way as the largest financial institutions. EToro encourages its various strategic partners to design their CopyPorfolios and manage them using the investment management solution at their disposal.

eToro CopyPortfolio

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eToro CopyPortfolio: Simple and efficient professional investment management

Launching your own CopyPortfolio through the eToro platform is a real prospect of becoming a large-scale investor. Thanks to a simple and fast configuration, a revenue sharing that is very favourable to product owners and a dashboard updated in real time, it will be very easy to achieve your profitability objectives.

The very first step following the creation of its CopyPortfolio on eToro will be to determine its investment strategy. To guide investors in their choices, the platform will offer them test tools to measure the performance of the proposed strategy. Thanks to a very intuitive configuration, the investor will be able to obtain all the retrospective test performance information and statistics associated with the desired strategy from the outset. In addition, the latter will be able to select a rebalancing strategy for active or passive management according to his or her preferences.

EToro’s CopyPortfolio is also a great tool to attract investors knowing that the platform is responsible for promoting it through its multiple marketing channels. In addition, having a CopyPortfolio on eToro is an excellent way to gain visibility with the large community that already exists.

In addition to considerably simplifying professional investment management, this tool allows you to exercise total control over your CopyPortfolio thanks to the various portfolio management solutions offered by the platform. Always in the spirit of providing the best experience for its investors, eToro offers them the opportunity to interact with their clients and obtain all the information they need to optimize their earnings. In addition, the platform is able to develop the CopyPortfolio manually with the investor for a product that is fully adapted to the investor’s expectations. The latter will be free to select the assets it wishes to see included in its portfolio, as well as their respective weights and the desired rebalancing periods. Note that the rebalancing strategy can be done manually or automatically. Similarly, always in this desire to facilitate the management of each CopyPortfolio created on the platform, the investor will be able to favour an automation of his process through a special algorithm corresponding to the chosen strategy.

eToro CopyPortfolio

eToro in a few words: Who is it?

Founded in 2007, the eToro platform is one of the world leaders in the FinTech sector that best guarantees security, confidentiality and profitability to its customers. With its CopyPortfolios, the latter has designed real investment channels that considerably minimise risk while offering very attractive returns.