FaceOption finally regulated but must prove its worth

In the world of binary options, we regularly see the emergence of new operators. Among the new entrants are reliable brokers and others who are much less so. FaceOption, for its part, was previously on the AMF’s blacklist, listing the names of brokers that should be avoided. Today, the operator is finally regulated, notably by CySEC. But he still has to earn his stripes…

Who is FaceOption?

While it was unknown until a while ago, the online broker FaceOption is now attracting a lot of attention. Its origins are still unclear. However, its powerful ads did not go unnoticed. In order to make itself known, this broker has, in fact, broadcast numerous viral videos. In particular, it shares a trading technique that, at first glance, seems effective.

In terms of its activities, FaceOption offers its clients traders in Forex, equities and precious metals through its online trading platform specialised in binary options. It should be noted that this is a financial tool accessible to all investors, beginners or experienced, as its principles are quite simple and it is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the financial markets. Moreover, the trader has a choice between two positions: up or down. In any case, we should not think that this is child’s play. You still need a minimum of information to know in order to make successful trading. In addition, it is essential to ensure that you rely on a quality broker. Is FaceOption one of them?

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FaceOption, a broker now regulated

A quality broker must meet a certain number of criteria. Among the most important are its regulation. As far as FaceOption is concerned, this broker can now boast of being classified as a regulated operator. This online broker is now regulated by CySEC and has an authorisation from the ACP/AMF. We can therefore say that it is a broker who operates legally with European traders.

In any case, it is preferable to keep a certain reserve given FaceOption’s past. As previously mentioned, it is an operator that has long used aggressive techniques to highlight its trading services. Not long ago, it was on the blacklist of the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers in France). It is no longer available since the September 25 update. In the end, FaceOption’s regulation is certainly not a coincidence and the operator had to meet various criteria to obtain its approvals. Nevertheless, the broker will have to prove himself in order to attract as many new traders as possible. While waiting to get feedback on this broker, we advise you to first orient yourself towards a reliable broker such as Interactive Option.