Review of the performance of stock market indices in 2015

To effectively engage in online trading, there are many things to know. Among the most important are the stock market index, a value that makes it possible to assess the evolution of a set of shares of listed companies. Among the best known are the Dow Jones, the CAC40 and the DAX… An update on the performance of the main stock market indicators in 2015..

Stock market index: what is it?

The stock market index is an indicator of the performance of a given market. Investors rely on it to vary their equity portfolio. A stock index can represent a market. In this category, we find the CAC 40, which includes the 40 best-rated companies in France. It can also illustrate the evolution of a sector, as is the case with the index by sector of activity (we speak of a sectorial index such as the automotive or technology index).


To get to know the stock market indicators and monitor their evolution, you can do so on Euronext. If we take a particular interest in the Paris Stock Exchange, the benchmark stock market indicators are the CAC 40 and the SBF 120. In all cases, their value is obtained by averaging the prices of the components of the index.

The performance of the main stock market indicators in 2015 between 2 January and 31 December 2015

First, the CAC40, the benchmark index in France. Started at 4,266 points on January 2, 2015 and ended at 4,653 on December 31, 2015. The index thus posted a strong performance with 9.07 points more over the year.
With regard to the benchmark stock market indicators in the United States, namely the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq, the respective performances for 2015 are as follows: start at 18,010 points and close at 17,580 at the end of 2015 corresponding to a decline of 2.38% – start at 4,275 points and close at 4,638 on 31 December, for an increase of 8.49 points.

For Dax and FTSE100, the base indicators in Germany and the United Kingdom, the increases were as follows between 2 January and 31 December 2015: for Dax, opening at 9,722 points and closing at 10,684, for a performance of 9.9 points; for FTSE100, opening at 6,552 points and closing at 6,252 points, with a decline of 4.58 points over the year.

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