Financial Smart Bot review on a trading robot service


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Since individuals have started trading online, new tools have emerged on the Internet. Offering very simplified trades, the Financial Smart Bot robot caught our attention. Does this automatic trading instrument really work? And if so, how to use it? To learn more, discover our test:

Financial Smart bot: 90 days free of charge

financial smart bot logoFinancial Smart Bot stands out first and foremost for the 90 days it offers to traders free of charge. While many trading robots require payment from the outset, with this tool it is possible to test its effectiveness first before committing to it. This trial period is already making real gains and, once the 90 days have been reached, it is still possible to extend it by 15 days. If the trader is satisfied with this first step, he can then subscribe to Financial Smart Bot. The conditions are explained in detail on the site.

Financial Smart Bot: How does it work?

To use the Financial Smart Bot robot, it is necessary to open an account on the platform. The trader must also have a trading account, which he is free to subscribe with a compatible broker. Financial Smart Bot suggests the broker OptionWeb. Once both accounts are opened, it is then sufficient to link them to start trading. The trader simply has to activate the automatic trading option and make some configurations according to his objectives. And as soon as the parameters are saved, the trading robot will work alone during market opening hours.

financial smartbot review

Financial Smart Bot: Is it effective?

Financial Smart Bot uses the Ichimoku analysis method, which is a technical indicator used since the 1960s. Based on the candlestick system, this technique provides a precise interpretation of market trends, which guarantees the effectiveness of the trading robot. The latter is based on precise calculations to open a position. Moreover, in order to reassure its users, Financial Smart Bot does not hesitate to display trade results directly on its website, including gains and losses. The maximum rate of return is 80%.

Financial Smart Bot: What if it’s a scam?

Since all traders can boast of great success, the only real guarantee for traders is the legal side. In the case of Financial Smart Bot, its collaboration with OptionWeb is already an insurance for investors. This broker is regulated by the reference supervisory authorities, including the AMF, and is carefully monitored in the course of its activities. It should also be noted that, unlike scammers, Financial Smart Bot does not encourage ruin. On the contrary, it warns beginners about the risks of possible losses and advises them to be patient in their investments.

Surprising! By consulting the Financial Smart Bot website, the company talks about the Smart Bot, their trading robot, but we notice that there is mention of Ichimoku Bot. Is it still a white label as we have seen at CopyToWin, which takes over the InvestoCopy robot, or simply the use of the robot’s technology? It seems that the latter is the right answer, so why not go directly through him?

financial smartbot ichimoku bot

Our review

Thanks to the analysis method it uses, Financial Smart Bot can perfectly meet the expectations of beginners. However, this does not mean that risks do not exist and that the use of an automatic trading tool is not necessarily a good solution in the long term. Manual trading is still the best option to better understand the market and, for starters, novices can also use social trading as at eToro.