Focus on financial professions

The world of finance is particularly complex, involving several actors, including many specialists. In this universe, there are then several professional activities requiring certain knowledge and know-how… Here are some financial professions

The broker

The broker (or brokerage company or broker) is a legal or natural person who acts as an intermediary. In the world of finance, he officiates for a financial transaction between two parties. He is then an intermediary between investors and the stock markets. The broker also advises his clients. We offer on MassLib regulated brokers in binary option as well as brokers specialized in Forex and CFDs.

The trader

The trader is none other than the investor. It can be said to be the main player on the financial markets. It is the person who buys and sells financial products, whether they are stocks, indices, treasury bills or other. It is possible that he specializes in a branch. Some will only trade equities while others will trade exclusively in the foreign exchange market (Forex). Behind your computer you can now become a trader, but be careful you will need a long preparation before you can really be a trading pro.


The Quantitative Analyst

This financial market specialist is a mathematical expert whose role is to provide solutions to monetary problems and can contribute to better risk management. Its objective is to implement trading strategies. It can also create programs that are a valuable help to traders.

The financial analyst

The financial analyst is also a specialist who gathers and analyses financial information from companies (taxation, debt, income, turnover, etc.) in order to anticipate economic trends. The results thus obtained can be used by companies or individuals in their investments. Analysis allows them to make the best investment decisions.

The chartist (or graphic analyst)

If the financial analyst is interested in company figures, the chartist is based on graphs illustrating the evolution of prices. It then detects the signals of a reversal of the situation and can also give indications on the right moments to buy or sell. Traders can use this data as a basis for their decision making.

The economist

While financial analysis focuses on companies, the economist focuses on the macroeconomic environment and the influence of its evolution on financial markets. Its conclusions are based on economic statistics and central bank communications on interest rates.

The Portfolio Manager

Among the players in the world of finance, we cannot fail to mention the portfolio manager. It is a professional (often an outstanding financial analysis) who manages portfolios on behalf of clients and makes investments for them. He can work for companies, banks or individuals.