Focus on TradeSQ for the management and optimization of your trades

TradeSQ is a trading management software that is specifically designed for experienced traders. They benefit from attractive features that allow them to optimize their decisions. So how does it work?


originally, TradeSQ is a trading support software that was developed by two traders. Little by little, the creators have made various improvements to make it an essential tool for traders wishing to optimize their money management. They can then access a higher level in their activity.Using TradeSQ for successful tradesTradeSQ is a software that allows the trader to optimize his Forex speculations. This tool can be adapted to all trading styles. In any case, it makes it possible to ensure the proper management of market positions. It is first used to set up a trading program: the trader can then ensure that he or she complies with his or her strategy, whether in terms of risks or gains. this tool can be used to define the characteristics of positions with surprising precision: TradeSQ takes into account the level of risk that the trader is willing to take and the money available in the account. It should be noted that you should not bet more than 2% of the capital for each operation.

A very practicalTradeSQ tool

is very practical to use. From the moment the trader has opened positions, he has the possibility to follow his activity at the moment, in real time. The interface then allows him to know the details of a position (risks, amount…) as well as any gains and losses. In addition, it is important to mention trading statistics that help to evaluate performance and help the trader to take the best positions. These include the “risk reward ratio” or the calculation of successive losses. By analyzing this information, the trader can check whether his objectives are being met and whether adjustments are necessary.TradeSQ also allows the trader to create a trading log. He can then annotate his decisions through comments, labels and screenshots, not to mention graphics. In this way, the trader benefits from a real follow-up and can improve over time, coupled with a broker like eToro and its social network, you will benefit from all the necessary information to optimize your position taking, and finally, with trade reporting, the trader can evaluate his evolution according to the different strategies applied by studying the reports and charts offered by the software