Follow the forex news with our advice

The Forex market is the largest and most liquid in the world. A market that, however, can be subject to major changes in just a few seconds and whose fluctuation depends directly on economic movements. In order to be able to trade currencies and win, it is essential to follow the news in real time. To do this, here are the addresses to remember

Specialized portals

The easiest and fastest way to follow the economic and currency news is to connect to specialized sites. These web portals provide up-to-date and real-time information, making it easier to perform analyses. Moreover, some of these platforms already support traders by publishing technical analyses carried out by experts. Among the reference websites in the Forex sector, we can mention in particular:


The,,, and’s Stock Exchange and Forex platforms also allow you to follow the latest developments in the currency market. The Forex calendar is almost indispensable for the development of trading strategies and, thanks to the subscription options offered by some sites, traders can access it at any time. Trading management offers, learning and analysis tools, mobile applications, business agendas, customizable searches, communities and discussion forums can, as a bonus, be offered by these specialized portals, most of which offer free access.

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Forex brokers

Forex brokers are also real sources of information on news. In order to support their traders, these online brokers provide them with complete support and in particular a Forex calendar. As a member of the portal, the trader has access to the latest news on the currency market in real time and can also use various tools such as alert applications. The latter are particularly interesting, allowing you to receive real-time notifications directly on your mobile.

This ensures that the trader does not miss a significant change, whether connected to a computer or not. In addition to economic calendars, Forex brokers also offer various services such as trading training, sharing seminars and expert analysis, among others.

Today, there are many of these platforms on the web, but among those that stand out are FXCM, Plus500, eToro,, Avatrade, IG and many more. The conditions applied are specific to each portal, but in any case, traders are assured of being well informed on these sites.