Forex, CFD and PayPal: deposits, withdrawals with which brokers?

There are many ways to deposit and withdraw money at a Forex and CFD broker. Indeed, to credit or debit a trading account at a broker, you can use your credit card, make a bank transfer, or even use electronic wallets such as Paypal

Check with the service provider you are interested in to see if it is possible to make transfers via Paypal.

The advantages of using Paypal with your broker

First of all, Paypal is a platform known worldwide for its reliable and secure transactions. Indeed, Paypal will allow you to send money or withdraw money from your trading account without having to disclose your banking information.

On the other hand, its service is totally free of charge. You can also link a bank account to Paypal which will take funds directly from your bank account but will never disclose your bank details when you pay with this payment method.

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Favour regulated brokers

In any case, whether or not a broker accepts a payment method via Paypal, make sure first of all that the broker in question is regulated by financial authorities such as the AMF or CySEC.

This is the first thing to do when it comes to choosing a Forex broker. It would be silly if after long periods of trading you saw your capital, so hard-won, blocked by a dishonest broker who did not want you to leave.

The list of binary option brokers accepting withdrawals and deposits via Paypal

Few binary option brokers accept money transfers via Paypal. However, other platforms such as Neteller, for example, are preferred by these brokers.

Here is an exhaustive list of some brokers who accept deposits and withdrawals via Paypal. The list is short but it is possible that other brokers will start working with Paypal later:

– More than 500:

– etoro:

– XTB: