Gold Binary Robot: Our review on this Trading Bot


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We tested the very popular robot this year: Gold Binary Robot. Like all robots, there is no miracle recipe, but it seems to have been a huge success recently. We have therefore embarked on a complete test of this trading software.

In particular, we will address the following points:

  • Customer Support
  • Robot efficiency
  • Reliability of the broker partner
  • Timeliness of withdrawals

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Gold Binary Robot: test and review

Since a growing number of individuals are entering online trading, the use of robots has become more popular. Indeed, there is nothing like entrusting the management of your trades to a professional trading robot when you start in this field.

Especially since many trading robots are now available on the market. Among them are Gold Binary Robot. This is a fairly recent robot that is sure to arouse the interest of traders. Is it really effective? Discover our test and reviews to learn more:

A robot of binary options

Gold Binary Robot is a trading robot that, by following a very precise algorithm and continuously analyzing the markets, is able to take a position on binary options in a 100% automatic way. It is dedicated to all levels of traders, especially beginners.

By using this robot, they can open trades without having to learn trading techniques. Gold Binary Robot is completely autonomous and allows traders to generate significant gains.

It was developed by 3 former traders, who then had the objective of giving individuals the opportunity to have access to the same technologies as professional traders. Since the launch of this trading robot, everyone who wants to start trading can access this very powerful tool. This trading software would have been developed over several months, to become an efficient and easy to use tool.

Individuals who have no trading knowledge yet can start their trades directly with this robot, whose analysis algorithm works in real time.

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An in-depth algorithm

Of course, to be able to generate profits, a trading robot must be based on analysis methods, with a precise algorithm. Thus, for the Gold Binary Robot, the designers have automated the gain techniques developed on the market over the past several years. According to the official robot website, the calculation algorithm has been developed over many months, and is based on 6 correlated indicators:

  • the RSI,
  • the TREND
  • the MACD
  • the STOCK
  • the WILLIAMS
  • the CCI

Three money management systems were also used to develop the robot’s operation, including the classic system, fibonacci and martingale.

The calculation and decision algorithms have been refined for more than 2 months in order to have the best possible performance, always according to the official website of the software. These methods would be the same as those used by large financial institutions, particularly in the banking sector.

They make it possible to analyse economic movements and stock prices in real time. And this is done automatically. Gold Binary Robot offers a permanent analysis, 24 hours a day, on different markets. Tasks that a human cannot perform, and which, however, greatly increase the trader’s chances of winning.

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A free offer

In addition to Gold Binary Robot’s performance, the free nature of this software has particularly attracted traders’ interest. While most trading robots require subscriptions after a trial period, this robot is indeed accessible free of charge.

On the site, the software developers explain that their objective is to offer an unparalleled trading opportunity to traders. In particular, they stated that, from the beginning, they had a plan to distribute technologies free of charge in order to make it easier for traders.

It should also be noted that the Gold Binary Robot allows you to get your first deposit back. Software users are entitled to a 100% welcome bonus from partner binary option brokers. They are only to contact the broker’s customer service department to request this full refund. This is regardless of the amount of the first deposit made, provided, of course, that the rules imposed by the broker are respected.

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Easy to use and easy to use

The Gold Binary Robot trading software is easy to use. Already, it is free and, as an added bonus, it does not require any downloads. All you need is an internet connection to be able to operate it. So, to start with this tool, the trader must open an account on the platform, filling in some identity information.

In parallel with this registration, an account in the trader’s name is also opened at the dedicated binary options broker.

Once the registration is confirmed, the trader can activate the robot and make the configurations. In the menu, you will find the list of currency pairs to be traded, the method, the indicators used, the expiry time of the position, the number of simultaneous trades, as well as the amount bet, among others.

For those who do not yet have any experience in the field, a basic configuration is already performed automatically by the robot.
After configuration, the trader then has the choice between testing the software in demo mode or starting real trading. The demo version allows you to familiarize yourself with the tool without risk, with a credit of $1,000. The real mode, on the other hand, requires the deposit of funds with the broker.

The transaction can be done directly online, in the “Add funds” tab. Once the funds have been added, the trader can start trading by activating the robot’s automatic function. To do this, simply click on the Auto Trade button.

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Really reliable?

Thus, the Gold Binary Robot is intended to be a perfectly autonomous tool. The software’s permanent analyses and well-founded algorithms would allow traders’ portfolios to grow. According to the estimate mentioned on the official website, up to 85% of the trades made over a period with this robot would be winners.

The performance of the Gold Binary Robot is particularly praised on the site, which also considers that its working capacities are equal to those of 6 simultaneous traders.

Our conclusion after our test

The robot’s speed of execution is exceptional, with several positions taken in just a few seconds. In addition, the algorithm seems to work very well. In short, this is most likely the tool that traders have been waiting for for a long time.

However, it should not be forgotten that the use of a trading robot is not without risk. Be vigilant in the choices you make. But if you want to enter the world of trading with a binary options robot, we commit you to use Gold Binary Robot which is and will remain for a long time to come one of the most reliable on the market.

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