Gold Wars: The Battle against Sound Money As Seen From a Swiss Perspective by Ferdinand Lips

A glimpse at one of the best books ever published for gold A Swiss banker for 50 years, Lips reveals to us in this book the fascinating history of gold, why it’s the only monetary medium that no government can escape, and its strong connection to a country’s freedom. gold bullion Despite being published in 2005, gold investors still consider Lips’ book as a necessary literal piece for those who want to achieve a deeper understanding of the gold trade. The advancements of investments over the last decade are well documented in the book, including the historical, political, and economical impact of events to the precious yellow metal.

Today, financial experts like Marine Le Pen, James Rickards, and influential economist Steve Forbes have all called for a return to the gold standard. While their explanations revolve mostly around providing a solution to the impending collapse of currencies, Ferdinand Lips’ reason taps into the million-dollar question: “What if?” According to Lips, if the gold standard hadn’t been abolished by former U.S. President Nixon, the world’s currencies wouldn’t have been destroyed, there would be no Great Depression, and WWI would’ve died on its own. In short, Lips’ theory is that the modern world started collapsing when the precious yellow metal was detached from fiat currency. “If the countries at war in World War I (WWI) had not hastily and foolishly given up the gold standard, WWI might not have lasted more than six months, because the warring nations would have run out of gold to pay for it…If WWI had lasted only six months, currencies would not have been destroyed…Without the mishandling of gold, there would never have been a Hitler…nor would Russia have had to endure a Stalin…There would never have been a WWII…The suppression of gold and the unlimited expansion of Fiat money have led to the monetary, economic and political crises and wars of the twentieth century.” Ferdinand Lips’ magnum opus was widely praised by academics, geologists, traders, and professional investors around the world. The book not only presents his extensive knowledge about the gold trade but also incorporates the inspiration he took from learning from legendary analysts such as Julian Baring, Professor Peter Bernholz, James Dines, and Ex-Federal Reserve banker John Exter. Gold Wars is a good read for investors who have some basic knowledge of gold investment. If you’re a beginner in gold investing, you may want to read the selection of books for beginners recommended by, in order to have a more stable understanding of the market. You may also want to read “End the Fed”, a book written by Ron Paul, in order to better understand Ferdinand Lips’ masterpiece. End the Fed is among the books recommended by BullionVault for providing plenty of gold buying information to its readers, including information on fiat money’s connection to gold and World War I. Buy Gold Wars: The Battle against Sound Money As Seen From a Swiss Perspective by Ferdinand Lips here