Rising growth forecast for the French car market

The CCFA or Comité des Constructeurs Français d’Automobiles has just published the figures on the statistics and forecasts of the French car market. The result is particularly positive: an increase in growth is palpable for 2016. A news that will certainly delight economic players. Update on this news…

An encouraging first half of 2016

log ccfaThe first half of 2016 was the most successful semester in four years in the automotive sector, with nearly 1.1 million vehicles sold in France. These are figures that automatically attract the attention of stakeholders, especially since the last such impressive increase was in 2008. According to the publications of the CCFA or Comité des Constructeurs Français d’Automobiles, an increase of 8.3% was recorded during these first 6 months of the year in terms of registrations, compared to 8.4% according to the data company Dataneo.

In terms of sales, the first half of the year was particularly good for a few major brands, including Renault, which posted 11% sales growth. However, some brands were subject to sales declines, including the PSA group, which recorded only 5.8% growth. The Volkswagen group also posted only 4.1% growth, with a -0.5% decline for the Volkswagen brand. It was also noted that commercial vehicles had a very successful half-year, with a 12.3% increase in sales.

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5% for the year 2016

Still based on the figures published by the CCFA, the growth of the French automotive market is rather promising for the year. The CCFA had rightly estimated an increase of more than 2% in 2016, but according to the statement by Christian Peugeot, president of the organisation and representative of French manufacturers at the conference, the market’s increase is now around 5%. This professional also believes that the next 6 months would probably not be as good as these first 6 months in terms of increase. That being said, he mentioned that by the end of the year, the French car market should exceed the 2 million vehicles sold. In any case, the figures remain promising for the coming months.