IG posts higher results

Although the final result of its 2016 financial year is not officially published until 16 July 2016, IG has already announced a successful year. The broker posted significant increases during this period, thanks in particular to the various innovations he has made in his services. And apparently, it’s not about to stop..

Better than expected results

Each year, the IG Group’s fiscal year is officially closed on May 31. The period from March 1 to May 31 is thus the fourth fiscal quarter for the broker. A year that began on June 1, 2015. The figures look promising according to the broker’s estimates.

In an official press release published on the London Stock Exchange and on its official website, IG Group announced that its 2016 financial results should significantly exceed forecasts. A good performance whose details will be revealed to the general public on July 16, 2016. And which would be obtained in particular by various marketing actions carried out by the broker.

IG Group has, among other things, focused on its visibility on the web, including search engines and in particular on social networks. It has also carried out promotional actions on traditional media such as the economic and financial press, as well as on television.

Of course, such marketing movements will certainly have resulted in additional expenses in the group’s accounts. But with the recruitment of many new traders and the revenues generated on the platform, these expenses will surely have been covered. And by far.

IG platform

A very strong first semester

In fact, in its first half of fiscal 2016, IG has shown exceptional figures. According to the results collected from the broker, these are almost record figures. In the first quarter of 2016, the group recorded sales of £106 million, which will be exceeded again in the second quarter of the year with £108.9 million recorded.

With a total of 214.9 million pounds in the first half of the year, the broker has set a new historical record in its activities. According to the data collected from the broker, this figure is higher than the results for the first half of 2015, at 8.8%.

In addition to this increase in turnover, IG also announced that the number of active traders on its portal has increased significantly. Compared to the first half of 2015, the number of active customers on the platform increased by 11%.

The first half of 2016 thus marks many points for IG, which explains this growth through numerous projects carried out in 2015. The high market volatility during this period would also be a factor, as it often leads to high trading volumes.

ig result

Many innovations

The year 2015 was a particularly turbulent one for IG Group. Many changes were made during this period, including business development projects. In particular, a new CFD trading account for novices has been created, and a partnership with Blackrock has also been signed to launch trading strategies on ETFs.

The broker is also developing a new and more intuitive trading platform. Among his priorities for 2016, he mentioned an innovation for mobile transactions. The group has also diversified its activities to target as many profiles as possible. With the Individual Saving Account (ISA), it intends to strengthen its proposals on equities in the United Kingdom, by offering tax benefits to traders.

A retirement portfolio development project was also signed with James Hay. To note that IG is nowadays one of the biggest names in the trading market it is a trusted broker that we recommend, you can consult our complete test of the leader on cfd. This is one of the few brokers that allows you to bet on binary options and CFDs with a single account.

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