Invest 10000£ in 2022? What is the best choice for investing money?

There is a significant difference between speculating on the stock market and investing your money. Indeed, while speculation rhymes mainly with immediate profits, financial investments, on the other hand, are rather dedicated to long-term profits. But in both cases, you always have to make the right choices to make a profit. So where to invest your money for 2016? For a capital of €10,000 for example, here are some ideas

Place on the actions

Investing in equities can be attractive for 2016, in the sense that you want to make profits in the long term. The principle of dividend sharing makes it possible to receive the results of one’s investment on a regular basis and, when the company evolves, the investor’s share also evolves with it. Of course, it is necessary to choose the right company and to check in particular whether its dividend system has been stable for years. We must also ensure that it is a company with a future perspective.

In order to protect against possible falls, it is also advisable to always diversify your assets. With €10,000, it is possible to invest part of this capital in different companies, which do not operate in the same sector of activity. Thus, if one of the companies goes bankrupt, the profits made with the remaining companies can still be reaped. In addition to equities, it may also be interesting to invest in other assets such as gold. So far, gold seems to be showing a bullish trend for 2016. Nevertheless, it is always necessary to stay informed of economic news before investing.

investment money

Investing in new technologies

Finding a company with high potential is essential if you want to make profitable investments. And fortunately, by 2016, many companies are on the list, with equally diverse fields of activity. Investing in the market for new technologies can be particularly attractive, particularly in the connected health sector. Many start-ups are now developing applications with great potential for evolution, which can bring significant added value.

As a reference, bio printing applications are nowadays highly appreciated in the field of medicine and the companies that develop them do not hesitate to list their shares on the stock exchange. Investing in these start-ups could generate significant profits within a few years. Provided, of course, that these companies have viable long-term projects, but are not limited to one-off products. It is therefore necessary to be well informed before starting. You can also observe very French sectors such as wine, which can be a very interesting investment given its worldwide recognition.