Our advice for investing 100000£ in 2021

Where to invest your money for the year 2016? This is a question that investors should consider carefully. There are indeed many opportunities, particularly in the stock market sector, the CAC 40 is no longer the only profitable asset. On the contrary, we find the best investment choices in equities. Here are some promising investments for 2016

Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Scientific, which is the number 1 in bioanalysis, is a good investment for 2016, with a significant growth value. Since 2012, the company has doubled in size and its prospects are for €4 billion in turnover by 2020.


In 2014, Hermès achieved sales of €4 billion and over the next few years, its turnover is expected to grow by between 5% and 10%. It can be a profitable investment.


Alstom is the high-potential stock. Between late 2015 and early 2016, the group opened a public share buyback at a price of €35, while the company’s order book reached €28.7 billion.

Gorged Group

The Gorgé group, specialized in 3D printing, can also be a good investment for 2016. The company aims to become the third largest company in the world in its sector and, according to their outlook, an operating margin of more than 20% should be achieved by 2017.

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The Nexity real estate development agency is especially interesting from a profitability point of view. In 2015, the company recorded an increase of at least 10% in its turnover and posted a net profit of 110 million euros. A significant growth rate is also expected for 2016.

The Bolloré Group

The Bolloré group is known for its regular and high-growth activities. Its launches into new areas are promising prospects for the future.

Dassault Aviation

In the field of defense, Dassault Aviation is now taking off, since the great success of its Rafale aircraft for export. New orders automatically constitute a long list, which should boost the company’s turnover in the coming years.


The Lagardère Group is now investing in travel retail, after having sold its shares in Airbus and magazines. The growth of its business is undeniable and, as an added bonus, the company has a stable dividend policy, with a return of around 5%.


With the arrival of Gilles Pélisson to his management and the group’s various revitalization projects, TF1 can be a good investment for 2016. The company’s net cash position is still attractive (€740 million), a large part of which will be distributed as dividends to shareholders.

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