Investing in wine: the complete guide

Few investments can combine passion and financial profitability. However, wine, like works of art or vintage cars, is part of this family of high-flying alternative investments. Unlike these, wine is much more affordable since the price of a bottle of wine to keep well can be in the range of 10 to 50 euros. Discover our complete guide to investing in wine, which will allow you to build your wine cellar, whether they come from Bordeaux, Burgundy or the New World.

Most expensive wine bottle in the world

An area once reserved for enthusiasts

Expensive wine cellar and barrelA few years ago, you had to be a sommelier or oenologist to find rare pearls and enrich yourself with wine. But thanks to the Internet and its growing popularity all over the world, from China to the United States, wine has become more democratic. This increase in liquidity (without any wrong word play) has improved the price estimates available online

It is much easier today to know the value of most great wines according to their vintage. Sites such as wine-searcher will offer you a comparison of prices according to the countries of sale: you will have to take into account the taxation on alcohol and the transport price.
Bottle storage takes up space. If you live in the countryside, it should not be missed and you can then preserve your heritage nearby (being wary of the increasingly frequent theft of cellars). On the other hand, in the city, this problem will be more significant, you may have to call on a wine merchant or a specialized service provider. Take storage costs into account when making your choices, you will probably have to switch to more expensive bottles so as not to erode your profitability.

Futures purchases

difference expensive wine bottle bottleThe primeur purchase allows you to buy at a reduced price a wine that has been harvested but has not yet been bottled. Although today farmers are able to estimate the quality of the wine from the harvest, the period during which the wine will remain in an oak barrel is subject to many uncertainties that justify this discount. The primeur purchase is also a meeting point between the community of wine lovers, professionals and winegrowers.
The horizon of a investment in futures is therefore at least 2 yearsDuring this time, you grant the winegrower financing, which will be refunded in bottles and not in fresh money. Note that it is important not to confuse the purchase of futures wines with futures wines, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Beaujolais Nouveau, the only characteristic of which is that they are bottled and marketed within two months of their harvest.

At the estate or at the wine store

In the case of a later purchase (after bottling) from a wine merchant, speculation is much lower, with most doubts about the quality of the wine being removed. Age is not always a guarantee of quality or higher prices in wine, some wines age better than others.

Evolution of wine prices

Ideally, you should invest in wines that have not yet revealed their full potential and that will have to be opened in a few years. Collector wines that have passed all hope of tasting are more objects of sentimental value whose intrinsic value is sometimes nil.

Wine price vs. stock market
You will often obtain attractive discounts by buying directly from winegrowers or by taking advantage of promotional offers from wine merchants who are destocking. However, be careful not to take too large quantities of identical bottles, it is essential to diversify your cellar and not to focus on just one areaa single grape variety or region. In wine as in everything, fashions are versatile and the popularity of a wine can jump or collapse from one season to the nextAdvertising investing in wine

Finally, some online platforms offer “turnkey” packages that offer you the opportunity to invest in funds that buy, store and resell wine in exchange for an often (too) attractive return. Beware of Ponzi schemes, we strongly encourage you to find out more and visit the cellars of these intermediaries before you trust them.

The Financial Markets Authority also warns against certain unscrupulous players, who may also operate in the solar panel, racehorse or forest sectors. In any case, wine should remain an investment to be consumed in moderation.

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