InvestoCopy: another scam or not? Our review


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With all these trading robots coming onto the market, it is now difficult to distinguish between real and fake. Indeed, there are many scammers in the trading world and, most of the time, they use convincing arguments to recruit new traders. Among these automatic trading tools, InvestoCopy is starting to be noticed on the web. So, scam or not? To find out, here is the test:

InvestoCopy: Copying professional investments

Because learning steps and market analysis can take a long time, InvestoCopy offers traders the opportunity to make their lives easier. Thus, thanks to a network of more than 90,000 traders, beginners can copy the best transactions directly with a simple click. They do not have to study the market, as professionals already do it for them. This social trading concept allows automatic trades to be carried out, but is still based on manual trading. Strategies are developed by humans and, if they win, so do copiers.

investocopy review

InvestoCopy: How to register?

investocopy demo accountTo become an InvestoCopy member, simply fill in the form already available on the website. Registration is free, however, the trader must have a trading account and purchase InvestoCopy credits to be able to copy traders. For each copy made, 1 credit is then deducted from the trader’s account. Copying is also very simple. InvestoCopy already provides the list of the best traders and, once the selection is made, the copied investment will be automatically reproduced under the copier’s name. The latter will then be notified as to the evolution of the trade and if the copied strategy has been successful, he will only have to pocket his profits. Please note that InvestoCopy also offers a demo account, which allows you to test the tool with fictitious money.

InvestoCopy: A remuneration system

InvestoCopy does not leave its professional traders without motivation. Since it is their strategies that beginners will copy, the platform pays them 3% for each profit made. This commission is deducted directly from the earnings pocketed by the copiers. For example, if the investment has brought in a €100 gain, the copier pockets €77, while the copied or “guru” earns an additional €3.

investocopy guru

InvestoCopy: A well-known platform in Europe

In fact, InvestoCopy is not as new as it looks in the trading market. This automatic trading tool, which already boasts more than 90,000 active members, has been present in Germany for some time. It is also known in other countries such as the United Kingdom or Russia. After a successful experience, InvestoCopy then arrived in France in early 2015, where it is quite well received by traders. It also serves as the basis for the CopyToWin brand.

investocopy copy trading

Our review

Based on the ratings of Internet users, InvestoCopy can be qualified as a reliable trading tool. It is, moreover, fully legal in Europe and collaborates with regulated brokers such as Interactive Option, which can reassure traders. However, even if the platform is reliable, it should be kept in mind that this type of automatic trading tool is often only effective in the short term. To ensure longer-term gains, it is often better to manage trades manually.